Color palettes

Melted Ice Cream
Pastel Heroine
San Francisco Fog
In a Trance
Smiling Roses
Brights and Specs
Head-to-toe Flush
Easter Quirks
Pillow Pastels
Bakery Bouquet
Captured Moments
Fine Details
Ribbon Around Rosettes
Life in Color
Teatime in Vintage
One-Man Show
Chilled Frosting
Too Sweet Treat
Flushed in Fog
Strawberry Cream Jar
Cheer Me Up
Sartorial Movement
Channeling an Artist
Bubblegum Charm
Nutty Batter
Spring Surprise
Sweet Indulgence
Rusty Cellar
Come Inside
Stirrings of Spring
Edible Softness
Sweet Style
Sun-kissed Fairy
Summer Music Festival
Cupcake Wrappers
Flamingo Walk
Sun-kissed Embrace
Schoolroom Pastels
The Chic West
Confetti Cream Cupcakes