Color palettes

Meringues and Tea
Birth Spring
Chocolate Chip Delight
Royal Elegant
Squishy Toes
Chill Dawn
Ballet Dreams
Drink Life In
Door of Fortune
Hello There Neighbor
Dessert Deluxe
Relaxed Retro
Pastel Punk
Reap and Sow
Rose Face
Fog and Waterfall
Outdoor Dinner Party
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Pastries
Beans on Wood
Pastel Silk Sky
Leather Confidence
Busy Harbor
Natural Flush
Get Grizzly
Under One's Hat
Casual Summer
Leather and Denim
Velvet Artist
Calico Hopper
Cotton Candy Afternoon
By the Lockers
Constellation of Stars
Waiting for Rain
Country Attic
Goldfish Flight
Candy Joyride
Crystal Skylights
Cookies and Cream
Vanille Chic