Color palettes

Raspberry Cream
Petal Party
Cupcake Delight
Sweet Cotton Sugar
Spike of Mint
Neon Bikini
Hint of Peppermint
Retro Punch
Athleisure Style
Wild Cherry Blossom
Summer Cooler
Pumped Up
Shopaholic Babe
A Colorful Summer
Pastel Dreams
In a Trance
Teenage Pop
Stacked Cupcake Cups
Sweet Orchid
Floaty Pool Fun
Handpainted Sky
Rosettes and Cream
Summer Color Pops
Chrysanthemum Julie
Flash and Rave
Summer Popsicle
Secret Keeper
Piece of Cake
Lift Me Up
Skater Girl
Thwarted Summer Shower
Vandal Pigment
Starting Blossom
Rosy Afters
New Wave
Shopping Spree
Confident Style
Neon Glam Madam
Painting with Pastels
Bright Happy Meadow