Color palettes

Rosy Flamingo
Rosettes and Cream
Afternoon Sinkers
Soft in Hue
Style and Grace
Birth Spring
Mellow Barnyard
Painting with Pastels
Meringues and Tea
Quiet Beauty
Pale Blossom
Sweet Frost Lips
Tea and Romance
Head-to-toe Flush
Birthday Cake
Plaid Pair
Sweeter Love
Blossom Rows
Bubbly Banana
Ombre Rosettes
Hint of Rose
Marshmallows in Tea
Ube Delight
Captivating Cupcake
Cup of Macarons
Hot Concrete
Tropical Sweetheart
Shoot for the Stars
Plump Berries
Chocolate Pink Pops
Rose-colored Glasses
Sweet Lilac Cake
Pastoral Valentine
Mulberry Smoke
Ice Cream Colors
Cool Funky Flavor
Cupcake Wrappers
Art Deco Treat
Girl's First Steps
Music and Me