Color palettes

Muted Overview
Cloud City
Pastoral Charm
Lit by Candles
Drawn Curtains
Neutral Seaside Wedding
Wealth of Nuts
Springtime Sports
Macaron de Paris
Secret Spring
Coffee and Macarons
Fuller Growth
Flower Gaze
Citrus Baker
Sage Cattleya
Easter Soft
Autumn Walk
Earth Hands
Lilac Fresh
Dust of Wingflutter
Post Dinner Delight
Enchanted Wonderland
Birth Spring
Floral Confection
Ice Cream Cups
Wall Greens
Grey Horizon
Tropical Bliss
Healthy Choices
Robin Egg Frosting
Refreshment Break
Mister Rancher
Vintage Pastels
Before the Blossom
Dawn Landscape
Out the Backdoor
Starting Line
Performer's Law
Placid Marsh
Corporate Grid