Color palettes

Water Foam
Soft Focus Forest
At the Brim
Seafoam Shimmer
Tidal Wave
Facing Forward
Painting with Pastels
Melted Ice Cream
Up Shore
Strong and Curved
Citrus Slices
Milky Stream
Surf's Up
Lucid Lemonade
Tasting Rainbows
Padlocked Doors
Firey Cracked Earth
Balancing Tea Cups
Ocean Meets Sky
Calming View
A Sweet Spark
Fog Over Water
Survived Tide
San Francisco Clouded
Tropical Sweetheart
Fresh Succulent
Style Me Spunky
Morning Breeze
Waterside Retro
Tall and Proud
Vintage Romance
Surf's Up
Indian Summer
Hot and Sour
Mirror Image
Gazing at Tomorrow
Ready for Winter
Viola Rosea
Stormy Weather
Cheery Cake Pops