Color palettes

Cheeky Marguerita
Mellow Barnyard
Pastel Dreams
Luscious Lemonade
Foil-covered Sneakers
Lift Me Up
Pastel Blonde
Shopaholic Babe
Towering Over
Pastel Meltaways
Four-layered Cake
Rainbow Doughnuts
Lemon Water
Sun-kissed Orchids
Inner Glow
Vintage Village
Bright Tart Cherries
Neon Pop
Cheerful Sands
Summer Color Pops
Sugar Rush
Sweet Toppings
Summer Popsicle
Berry Tart Pie
Healthy Leaves
Bubblegum Popstar
Bird of Prey
Zesty Macaroons
Pick Up Sticks
Candy Skyline
Tulip Meadow
Creative Cupcakes
Melted Chocolate
Summer Cocktails
Follow the Sun
Hawaiian Blossom
Candy Corn Craze
A Sweet Spark
Waiting Seagull
Making Neon Cupcakes