1. Color Palettes

Color palettes

College Daze
On Thick Ice
Perfect Beach Vistas
Grained Memories
Take a Break
Calming View
Fog Over Water
Pinch of Lime
Paper Cities
Floral Dazzle
Waterside Retro
Fall Fire
Coffee Craving
Painting with Light
Neon Bikini
Sky Balloons
Close of Day
Bright and Bold
Head-to-toe Flush
Summer Cocktails
Dazzling Style
Finally Opened Up
Wild Cherry Blossom
Carnation Petals
Creative Cupcakes
Oven-baked Chocolate Chip
Hot Chili Peppers
Cheer Me Up
Sweet Crowning Glory
Winter Overture
The Ripe Time
Squishy Toes
Four-layered Cake
Neon Glam Madam
Candy Skyline
Tropical Sweetheart
Melted Chocolate
Communing with Nature
Morning Dew
Sliced Citrus