Color palettes

Bowl of Spice
Bite of Biscotti
Field of Imagination
String of Flowers
Labor of Warmth
Bed of Cream
Queen of Salem
Edges of Lush
Stack of Sweaters
Bite of Brunch
Field of Shrubs
Cartful of Balloons
Slices of Watermelon
Bowl of Fruit
Taste of Nectar
Basketful of Limes
Valley of Mist
Careful of Cracks
Slice of Fruit
Taste of Sunshine
Bites of Heaven
Love of Tradition
Jar of Jam
Lap of Leisure
Chain of Beauty
First Day of School
Drops of Sunshine
Breath of Dew
Cup of Cocoa
Field of Dreams
Line of Baskets
Kiss of Dusk
Field of Horses
Sea of Flowers
Cup of Brew
Slice of Pie
Festival of Fruits
Persistence of Flowers