Color palettes

Collar Bulb
Coppice Towers
Spices and Herbs
Country Spice
Adoring Gaze
Going Nuts
Pome Fruit Spice
Jar of Jam
Slice of Pie
Fresh Coconut Harvest
Sea of Flowers
Citrus Herb Seas
Deja Vu Daydream
High Noon Landscape
Pinto Pastures
Pineapple Solo
Long Winding Road
Thrill of Anticipation
Backyard Gardening
Nutty Flurry
Scattered Fruit
Cup Half-Empty
European Vacation
Wooden Lakehouse
Citrus Cactus
Better Highlands
Granny Smith Apples
Cornrow Shrubs
Fresh Rolls
Hilly Footpath
Mango Season
Shiny Olives
Brickwall Boulevard
Running Horses
Sprawling Metropolis
Country Kitchen Salad
Washed Olives
Just Before Evening