Color palettes

Diaphanous Jellyfish
Nightfall Ambiance
Thirst Quencher
Sky Startle
Bunch of Blueberries
Steel Sky Ridges
Peaceful Cottage Path
Way up North
Balloon Parade
Bridge Across Water
Bound to Mountains
Carousel Spree
Lead the Way
Freeze this Moment
Highway Cruise
Pop the Bubbles
Perfect Beach Vistas
Look Skyward
Sugar Rush
Lime and Mint
Everest Springs
Rinse and Watch
Jellyfish Depth Dance
Watch the Water
Steadfast Stainless
Shallow Waters
Basking the Ambience
Vintage Pastels
Peacock Wings
Take-off Point
Splash Up Shore
Midnight Waters
Calm Waters
Off the Coast
Top of the World
Light Rains
Breaking Boulders
Cloud Taste
Marshmallows in Tea
Peacock's Gaze