Color palettes

Floral Daydream
Peachy Keen
All Made Up
Minty Candy Canes
Outdoor Queen
Blushing Meadow
Tulip Buds
Bridal Bouquet
Subtle Setting
Sweet Rosettes
Cherry Blossoms
Paper Flowers
Pops of Elegance
Roll of Pleasure
Garden Style Coffee
Pink Berry Cream
Wedding Myrtle
A Softer Greenery
Strawberry Almond Bar
Melted Popsicles
Girls Day Out
Cherry Blossom Bokeh
Red Pear Craving
Island of Mystery
Bowl of Sweets
Pail of Roses
Before the Blossom
Crunchy Steps
What's the Scoop
Carnival Day
Rosette Topping
Hint of Mystery
Frosted Cupcakes
Cherries and Cream
Bed of Flowers
Adventure Spirit
Bedroom Scatter
Sunnies and Style
Chocolate Cupcake Sprinkles
Royal Cherry Spill