Color palettes

Pint-Sized Adventures
Lift Me Up
Electro Candy Pop
Pastel Palace
Full Volume
Blushing Broccoli
Summer Brights
Ice Cream Sandwich
Triple Beets
Sakura Flowers
Flash and Rave
Wheelbarrow in Blush
Secret Keeper
Abundance of Petals
Sailboat Standout
Cupcake Wrappers
Enchanted Rose
Odd Flower
Bright and Bold
Neon Glam Madam
Confident Style
Starting Blossom
Summer Popsicle
Ice Cream Delight
Floral Trove
Subtle Blossom
Blushing Flamingos
Blushing Building
Pretty Pansy
Gust of Winter
Subdued Charm
Welcome Drinks
Chocolate Pop
Springbreak Sultry
Wooden Walkway
Vanille Chic
Trinket Swirl
Lily Leap
New Wave
Neon Girl Kicks