Color palettes

Comfort Coffee Cup
Take Your Pick
Summer Soft
Cuddle Weather
Very Berry
Bountiful Rows
Macaron Cravings
Field of Petals
Rococo Pearl Cake
Pastel Silk Sky
Made with Clay
Catmint Stride
Wild Flowers
Single Vase
Farm Berry
Lilac Eventide
Toasty Warm
Velvet Artist
Floral Confection
Rustic Bouquets
Bowl of Potpourri
Lavender Fields
Colorful Heartstrings
Ice Cream Cups
Periwinkle Daze
Artichoke Fancy
Sprinkles and Frosting
Modest Countryside
Apples at Night
Everyday Caffeine
Halloween Lite
Flower Picking
In Due Time
Standing Tall
Blooming Shrub
Desert Peaks
Corporate Grid
Sandy Holiday
Butterfly Frosting
Fruit Crunch