Color palettes

Macaron Sweetness
Entering the Clouds
Summer Popsicle
Breath of Spring
Underwater Clarity
Color Scream
Blissful Blooms
New Wave
Box of Chalk
Flowering Crayon
Caught by Summer
Lily Leap
Trinket Swirl
Frosting Doughnuts
Floral Cheer
Afternoon Frolic
Parlor for Sweets
Catmint Stride
Beautiful Mess
Party Balloons
Cotton Bloom Softness
Subtleties of Blossoming
Summer Basics
Baywalk Ready
Garden Style Coffee
Valiant Bloom
Sweet Strawberries
Bubblegum Cupcakes
Summer's Up
Market Stall
Birthday Cupcake
Violet Plume
Simple Living
Nature's Embrace
Street Sashay
Pop of Rose
In the Hood
Box of Blooms
Getaway Girl
Cheery Cake Pops