Color palettes

Lead the Way
Majestic Mountain
Crystal Clear
Yarn Fuzz
Nutty Ice Cream
Working in Bed
Midnight Waters
Sandy Beach Path
Lunar Cat Mischief
Rustic Blush
Winter Road
Cool Blue Sand
Snowmelt Land
Jump for Joy
Waves at Night
Bohemian Brick
Pensive Mood
Cookies 'n Cream
A Walking Tour
Ready to Party
Flower Gaze
Collector's Item
Cool Berry Scoop
Cool Cream Strawberry
Muted Flocks
Train Assembly
Serious City Posing
Close of Day
Cup of Brew
Steel Brick
Splash Up Shore
Mountains at Dusk
Amidst the Gloom
Party for One
Among the Vines
Icy Greens
Sun and Sand
Pure Olive Oil
Before Nightfall
Cheer Me Up