Color palettes

Cheery Cake Pops
Sweet Luxury
Pop of Colors
Little by Little
Bright Happy Meadow
Bloom in Darkness
Bowl of Blueberries
Macaron Cravings
Fresh Garden Harvest
Blueberry Frosting
Sweet Cupcake
Holding Her Balloons
Meadow Bounty
Viola Rosea
Rosy Cheeks
Crisp Collar
Visiting Chefchaouen
Bird's Regal Stare
Little Chapel
Flushing Beauties
Snack of Spring
Fashion and Flower
Floral Primary
Perfect Pastries
Dainty Dreams
So Close
Sprinkled Sweets
Sweet Style
Hot Afternoons
Blushing Petals
Flower Horde
Dazzling Dye Job
Unruffled Feathers
Horizon Reservoir
Rose Garden Cupcake
Glittering Eyes
Tropical Turban
Painted Eye Mask
Cool Duo
Chocolate and Sprinkles