Color palettes

Tropical Turban
Blissful Indulgence
Triple Beets
Sitting Pretty
Floral Trove
Gust of Winter
Grand Entrance
Pastel Palace
Underwater Clarity
One Starry Night
Pick Up Sticks
Entering the Clouds
Enchanted Rose
Pine View
Electro Candy Pop
Full Volume
Someone Else's Flowers
Garden of Tulips
Sharp Sunglasses
Pretty Pansy
Time to Bloom
Blushing Building
Weekend Flourish
Box of Chalk
Springbreak Sultry
Afternoon Frolic
Subdued Charm
Cotton Bloom Softness
Streetview Surprise
Floral Cheer
Ice Cream Sandwich
Floral Background
Popsicle Sticks
Floral Fiest
Sweet Strawberries
Odd Flower
Frosting Doughnuts
Vanille Chic
Wooden Walkway
Fudge Sprinkles