Color palettes

Daywear Eyeshadow
Sun-kissed Rock
Door of Fortune
Buddhist Monk
Cherry Blossom Swirl
Midnight Moon
Bird of Prey
Lift Me Up
Forever Begins
Deep Introspection
Berry Jar
Stepping Stones
Peach Party
Teenage Pop
Lucky Lime
Berry Tart Pie
One Cool Ride
Bonfire Glow
Pleated Drapes
Glow in the Dark
Tasting Rainbows
Perfect Tan
Lucid Lemonade
Bakery Bouquet
California Citrus
Melon and Mint
Waiting on Wind
Citrus Slices
Dark Metal
Yarn Fuzz
Grey Horizon
To The Sky
Young Navigator
Picked Pineapple
Summer Color Pops
Pastel Heroine
Pop of Balloons
Vintage Village
Reap and Sow
Bottle of Milk