Color palettes

Choco Chips
Bird's Hairdo
Hilly Footpath
Picnic Apples
Crowded Tomatoes
A Dog's Playground
Sunset Fountaingrass
Hilltop Majesty
Garden Picker
Spring Rising
Big Kahuna
Sweet Curry
Tropical Blooms
With the Wind
Overlooking the Sky
Cereal Mornings
Cactus Bouquet
Steady Hunter
Coffee Stain
Countryroad Asphalt
Midnight Coffee
Subway Stories
Morning Coffee
Scattered Fruit
Chrome and Gas
Through the Lens
Breath of Dew
High Steels
Sheds at Attention
Dewy Rose Petals
Tall and Proud
Freshly Made Salad
Strong Woodpecker
Standing Out
Slice of Pie
Pumpkin and Pears
Parfait Kisses
Cucumber Tan
Cookie Crumbles
Sandy Lodgings