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Canva Verified Experts

Canva Verified Experts are both global leaders and experts in their communities, with a solid following and a passion for teaching others how to make the most of Canva's products and features.

What is the Canva Verified Experts program?

Canva Verified Experts are highly knowledgeable about Canva's complete range of products and features. This group includes content creators, educators, workshop facilitators, and presenters who play a vital role in empowering and inspiring communities, both online and offline. Members of this program receive special benefits, including early access to beta test features, the opportunity to provide feedback that directly shapes upcoming products, and more!


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Recognized by Canva

Receive a special badge and be featured where Canva Verified Experts are spotlighted.

Beta testing opportunities

Test and provide feedback to help shape some of our upcoming products and features.

Dedicated Slack workspace

A place to connect with fellow community members to share wins and ask questions.

Monthly meetups

A virtual meetup to connect with fellow community members and hear about the latest program updates.

Education & updates on upcoming releases

Get a first look at upcoming products and releases before they're launched.

Swag, incentives, and more!

Get branded merch, special discounts, and other perks for being a part of the program.

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Meet our Canva Verified Experts!

Learn more about our Experts by viewing their profiles below.

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Creator, Coach, & Educator | Poland

Agata Nesteruk

With 15k+ entrepreneurs trained ​and thousands of products sold, ​Agata helps those become a successful brand with Canva.

Content Strategy Expert | US

Alicia Powell

With a library of over 5,000+ ​templates, I teach biz owners how ​to create more profitable content.

Brand & Marketing Consultant | Nigeria

Ayodotun Akinfenwa

I am a multi-talented brand expert and trainer, helping businesses build magnetic and profitable brands.

Educator and Content Designer | Ghana

Benjamin Teschemaker Minnow

I teach newbies how to create ​fantastic designs in Canva using ​simple tricks on Instagram and ​YouTube.

Educator & Content Creator | Canada

Brenda Cadman

With over 24 years experience as an entrepreneur, Brenda is a leading Canva Expert for small business owners.

Educator and SMM | Turkey

Burhan Yeşil

I share content on social media platforms as "Dijital Burhan" and talk about Canva.

Content Creator and YouTuber | Brazil

Darlan Evandro

I'm a marketing professional who ​helps small business owners ​promote their products & services ​using the internet and Canva.

YouTuber & Content Creator | UK

Darren Meredith

Darren is an expert tutor for business owners & content creators who want to connect better with their audience using Canva.

Speaker, Coach, & Educator | Czech Republic

David Svoboda

As graphic design educator and avid speaking coach, David is one of the world's leading Canva Experts.

Education and Marketing | Mexico

Delia Bernal

Educational innovator with a marketing background. CEO of Docentes Digitales, fostering tech-driven teaching and more.

Educator and YouTuber | Spain

Diana Munoz

I teach Canva in Spanish and English to a large audience on YouTube and Instagram. Open to collaborations.

Visual Branding and Educator | India

Diwi Yedapally

I help female solopreneurs build premium visual identities on Instagram with the assistance of Canva, Instagram, and branding tips.

Educator & Entrepreneur | Malaysia

Don Skolar

I empower Malaysians and global learners with Canva skills, fostering 21st-century learning in Malay and English.

Visual Content Strategist | Australia

Donna Moritz

Visual strategist, CanvaCreator, ​international speaker, and award-​winning blogger. I help non-​designers create amazing visuals!

Educator and YouTuber | Germany

Elisabeth Frisch

I share Canva tips & tricks in German on YouTube and Instagram and teach how non-designers can create great designs.

Educator and Marketing Expert | US

Em Connors

I share easy-to-follow Canva & Instagram marketing tips to help female entrepreneurs get maximum results - with minimal effort!

Designer and Educator | Italy

Eugenia Brini

Designer with over 20+ years of experience, I help people cultivate their superpowers. Mine are: creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity and, of course, Canva!

Designer and Educator | Turkey

Ferdi Cildiz

I'm a digital product designer and design instructor who teaches and promotes Canva while creating viral videos.

Designer and Educator | Israel

Hadas Avidor Goldin

With the largest Hebrew Canva community on FB, Hadas teaches Canva workshops in English & Hebrew online and offline.

Educator & Content Creator | India

Heena Sheikh

I teach and design with Canva in a way that's easy to grasp. Trained over 15k on learning Canva through workshops and over 110k Instagram pals support me.

YouTuber and Twitch Streamer | US

Jeff Evans

I create Canva tutorials live on ​Twitch (DrHeals) and post them t​o YouTube to help streamers buil​d amazin​g brands!

Educators and Content Creators | Brazil

Jess and Vini

We are educators and content ​creators guiding and teaching an ​audience of over 190k followers ​all over the world.

Design and Educator | US

Joanna Sherrow

As a self-taught-creative, I empower self-taught-designers to leverage their visual content to grow their businesses.

Brand Designer & Educator | UK

Julie Christie-Clark

As a brand designer with 20+ years experience, I’m passionate about helping biz owners create their own beautifully branded graphics, like a pro with Canva.

Content Design Expert | Germany

Kathy Ursinus

With 33k + on Instagram and 4k+ clients, Kathy is a big inspiration for creating WOW-Content Design for online businesses.

Real Estate | US

Katie and Chase

Just two real estate agents turned ​marketers, ready to share our ​secrets to help you attract leads ​online WITHOUT cold calling.

Educator + Content Creator | Turkey

Kubilay Tutar

An English teacher and Canva Creator, I love simplifying things and sharing what I know.

Tech Educator, YouTube Coach & Speaker | US

LaShonda Brown

I teach service providers how to WORK LESS and LIVE MORE by leveraging tech and YouTube.

Insurance Content Expert | Germany

Leona Spauszus

I'm grow Canva fans within the insurance and finance sectors. You can book me for your sales or sales organization.

Social Media Expert | Spain

Lola Ruiz

With over 90k+ followers, I am an entrepreneur that enhances people's brands with a creative and strategic touch.

C​ontent Expert & Educator | Netherlands

Lynn Noppen

I help & teach coaches and experts how to save time creating content by using Canva templates and other content resources.

Blogging and Content Marketing | US

Maliha Mannan

A proud and savvy procrastinator, ​who's also a blogging, email, ​content marketing, and Canva ​Verified Expert.

Educator & YouTuber | Spain

Maria Fernanda Rojas

I teach Canva in Spanish with 280k+ on YouTube where I inspire my community to create creative content.

Educator and T&L Expert | Malaysia

M Tazli Azizan

I harness Canva for various pedagogical strategies to transform teaching and learning experiences at all levels.

EduTech + Media Didactics | Germany

Dr. Martina Braasch

I teach teachers and trainers how to create learning scenarios which booster learning success and learning motivation.

Social Media Expert | France


Every week, I post tutorials to ​help creators grow their audience ​(especially with Canva feature ​tutorials).

Designer & Mentor | Canada

Mélissa LeMay

Mel is a designer creating custom designs for businesses + host a template membership. Mentors other self-taught-designers. Franco-Canadienne + English.

YouTuber and Web Designer | Japan


With over 10 years of experience ​as a web designer, I'm a content ​creator on YouTube with my own ​online school.

YouTuber and Content Educator | UK

Natalia Kalinska

With 100k+ YouTube subscribers, I empower business owners to create captivating content and grow on social media.

YouTuber and Visual Content | UK

Nicky Pasquier

Nicky teaches businesses how to successfully market their brands online with unique and compelling Canva graphics.

Content Creator and Designer | Amsterdam

Nok Werner

I want to make a meaningful & impactful change in the world with my design and creativity.

Brand & Product Designer | US

Onuoha UI

I am a future-focused designer, and I use Canva to help SMEs work better worldwide.

Graphic Designer and Consultant | US

Ramon Quintero

As a graphic designer, I use Canva ​to help non-profits & busines​ses make complex things simpl​e by bringing their ideas to​ life.⁣

Brand Educator & Speaker​ | Australia

Rebecca Flint

Worked two years at Canva, now ​teach branding and content design ​via online courses, webinars, & speaking engagements.​

UX Designer & YouTube Educator | Ireland

Rob Boliver

Rob, Brazil's first Canva Verified Expert, educates & leads the top Portuguese Canva community with 600k+.

Content Creator and Designer | US

Roger Coles

I help brands stand out on social​ media. On any day you may find​ me designing templates or writing​ love songs about Canva.​

Educator and YouTuber | Spain

Ronny Hermosa

I worked at Canva for two year​s and now I teach via onli​ne courses, webinars, and o​ur YouTube channe​l.

Teacher and EdTech Specialist | Spain

Rosa Liarte

I'm a teacher trainer and I love to share tips and tricks to use Canva in Education on my social media handles.

Product and Content Designer | Philippines

Sandee Sevilla

With clients worldwide, Sandee is Your go-to for clickworthy graphics that stay true to your brand.

Video Creator and Coach | Australia

Sara Nguyen

I help businesses grow online by ​leveraging video on YouTube and ​social media design.

Educator and Blogger | Japan

Shohei Horiguchi

I teach people how to use Canva and its useful features in online communities and seminars that I manage.

YouTubers and Marketing Experts | India

Shubham and Narendra

Designer Duo helps small ​business owners organically grow ​and promote their products & ​services ​using Canva and its tools.

Designer and Content Creator | India

Soumya Ranjan Dora

I love design and I create content ​on design process and share them ​on Instagram and YouTube.

Content Creator and Lecturer | Indonesia

Syammas P. Syarbini

I'm a lecturer who shares Canva hacks for small businesses on social media with a total audience of over 342k in Indonesia.

Trainer and Book Publisher | Scotland

Thea Newcomb

Trainer, content creator, blogger, and KDP book publisher. Thea delivers live group and 1:1 Canva workshops & webinars.

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How do I become a Canva Verified Expert?

Currently, this program is by invite only. Canva Verified Experts are recommended by Community Managers throughout the year.

Canva Verified Expert Criteria

While there are several factors that go into selecting future Canva Verified Experts, below are a few of the things our team looks for to help you stand out:

  1. Have an engaged and active audience
  2. Consistently create and share content around Canva's products and features
  3. Loves to teach and empower others
  4. Active member in one of Canva's communities

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