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Canva for Teachers community

Canva Teachers communities are dedicated groups for educators, and helps to empower them to use Canva as a tool to educate.

Male teacher in classroom with primary school children

How do I join Canva for Teachers?

Our teacher communities across the globe are open to all teachers! Along with a global group, we have an array of local teachers communities for several languages and locales, which you can view and request access to below.

In our communities, you can delve into Canva's newest features, join monthly webinars, find daily inspiration, and connect with fellow educators that are using Canva in the classroom. Additionally, learn more about becoming a part of our Canvassador advocacy program!

Educate the world. Earn with Canva.

Education Creators is a program within Canva that allows teachers to create, publish and earn from their educational templates on Canva.