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No matter the design, you can make your own hoodie easily with Canva’s easy-to-use hoodie maker tool. Create hoodies for yourself, loved ones, or your brand and order prints with free standard shipping—all in just a few minutes.

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Quick and easy custom hoodies for your every need

Using our hoodie design maker, you can start designing statement hoodies in just a few clicks. Whether you’re creating a hoodie for yourself or your company, Canva makes the entire process convenient—from drafting your design to printing your hoodie through Canva Print.

Our templates make it easy for you to combat creative blocks. These professionally made designs are fully customizable, so you can make them your own. Adjust the colors, font, or move the objects around. Alternatively, you can also start from scratch and add your own logo or preferred font. Canva has an extensive design library filled with free and premium icons, shapes, graphics, and illustrations that you may use for your custom hoodies.

How to make a hoodie

  1. Launch Canva
    Open Canva and look for “hoodies” to start designing. If you have ready files for your hoodies, compile them beforehand.
  2. Be inspired
    Take a cue from our collection of free hoodie templates. These are all professionally made and come in different designs and themes. Filter your search by color or style. Choose one that’s similar to the look you want to create. You can also start from scratch with a blank template and use your creativity.
  3. Customize your hoodie design
    Use our intuitive tools to personalize your hoodie. Move some objects or change the colors and add graphics or new illustrations from our design library. Drag your files to your design and use our editor tool for extra oomph.
  4. Finalize your design
    If you’re working on a brand or event hoodie, share your work with your team for input. Check the text and the spelling. Don’t forget to check your design and finalize it for printing.
  5. Order your hoodie
    Once you’re ready, click Print on the upper-right corner of the design dashboard. Specify the number of your hoodies, size and fit, and place your order. Receive them through our free and fast standard shipping.
Create a hoodie

Create unique statement hoodies

When you want to stand out, why not make your own hoodie? Doing so guarantees you’re the only one wearing this specific design. Whether you want to create a statement hoodie or one with your own design, we have a diverse design library useful when you want to explore your creativity.

The sky is the limit! We have free and premium elements, like illustrations, graphics, stock photos, backgrounds, and shapes that you can use for your design. Mix and match visuals and fonts to achieve the statement that you desire. Perfect for creating custom couple hoodies, matching family pullovers, or branded hooded sweatshirts for your next team getaway.

Promote your brand

If you need hoodies to sport your brand or company, our hoodie design maker is your best friend. With this, it’s easy for you to be creative without the hassle of complicated design platforms. Our intuitive features are user-friendly. You can add flair to your branded apparel design in a matter of minutes.

Drag your logo to the editor and use our tools to make some minor edits or add some effects. Upload your brand font to the platform and use it on your design. Don’t forget to adjust the color palette to match your brand colors. Print your final branded hoodie design through Canva Print for free standard shipping.

Make special presents or giveaways

Gifting is made easy when you have customizable templates to work with. These ready-made designs let you apply simple edits to make your hooded sweatshirts or pullovers different from the rest. These custom-made hoodies are perfect as birthday presents or corporate giveaways. Use the templates as a starting point for your design and work your way into creating a beautiful hoodie. Adjust the color theme and font combinations or drag your logo to the hoodie maker.

Hoodies are practical presents. These are useful and can be worn by the receiver when the weather is cold. With Canva Print, you can choose the best hoodie fit, style, and color to match the recipient. Our hoodies are available from S to 2XL sizes and in different colors (black, heather gray, charcoal heather, and navy blue).


To make your own hoodie design, start with our user-friendly hoodie maker and take a note of these tips:

  • Figure out the style that you want to achieve and choose a template accordingly.
  • If you’re creating a hoodie for a company or brand, ensure that the logo or tagline is emphasized.
  • For statement hoodies, opt for larger and bolder fonts or expand illustrations to make them look bigger.
  • Add high-quality visuals by using your logo or opt for high-resolution images.

A great quality hoodie should be made of cozy and durable material. Usually, a blend of materials can make a comfortable hoodie. Our custom hoodies are made out of the cotton blend, with 20% polyester and 80% ring-spun cotton. This ensures that hoodies are not just stylish but are also breathable.

Making a hoodie from scratch, which includes making the pattern, cutting the fabric, and sewing the cloth together can be daunting and time-consuming. However, this can be a fun project especially if you’re up for the challenge. If you want a faster and quicker way to do this, opt for an online hoodie maker that makes the process seamless.

With an online hoodie maker, you can focus on creating your hoodie, pullover, or hooded sweatshirt designs and let a printing company like Canva Print take care of translating your designs into an actual printed product.

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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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