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Make learning fun for your students, trainees, and attendees with a modern take on quizzes. Skip the pen and paper and make a quiz using Canva's free quiz maker, complete with tools and quiz templates you can use for free.

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Although quizzes are commonly associated with school, they’re not limited to the four walls of the classroom. From lecture halls to Zoom meetings, quizzes increase audience participation and keep listeners interested throughout a talk or training session. So give your students or attendees an interactive quiz that will create an engaging learning experience.

Make your own quiz in an instant using Canva’s easy-to-use quiz generator. Begin with our free, customizable quiz presentation templates and add the questions and answers. Drag and drop embellishments available in our extensive library or add your own photos and illustrations.

Within minutes, you'll have a fun quiz that your students will enjoy.

How to make a quiz

Open Canva

Launch Canva and search “Quiz presentation” to begin.

Select a quiz template

Browse our collection of ready-made quiz presentation templates. Pick one and customize it. If you want to make a quiz presentation from scratch, you can use our templates as a design guide or inspiration.

Customize your design

Change the content and add your quiz questions and answers. Choose a new font and switch up the text colors. Then customize any of the graphic design elements and put photos for clues or hints to your test questions. Our extensive library has lots of stock photos, vectors, icons, and illustrations you can use.

Add more embellishments

Take your quiz up a notch by adding audio and stock footage from our media library. Simply drag and drop the ones you want to use in your test. Try out our fun transitions and animations, too.

Save or present your quiz

Download your work as a PDF or MP4. Or present it directly from your dashboard. You can also share your quiz with colleagues via email or social media.

Make a quiz

Make a quiz

Choose from diverse quiz templates

Whether you're an educator, event host, or facilitator, you'll find a quiz template that matches the topic of your test. Use our filters to organize the designs according to theme or style. Or better yet, filter them according to the topic.

Besides math, science, and geography tests, our quiz presentations also feature templates for spelling bees, quiz bees, and even event icebreakers. Create trivia quizzes, make playful personality tests, or present brain teasers and riddles that will warm them up before the event.

Tired of the usual quiz format? Switch up the visuals and give your test a twist. With our free quiz maker, you can combine different questionnaires in one presentation, like modified true or false, enumeration, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, or make it fun by using a word search type of quiz. Want to make social media quizzes for your brand? We have templates for story quizzes, too.

Edit within minutes on any gadget

A lot of effort goes into quizzes, from coming up with questions to creating the quiz presentation.

Making a single quiz could have you sitting on your desk for hours. So if you’re pressed for time, make a quiz on Canva. Our free online quiz maker is perfect for busy teachers, trainers, and event coordinators. Students can also create entertaining quizzes for their school presentations.

With Canva, you can create a quiz in minutes on your desktop, laptop, or phone (thanks to our handy mobile app). Edit a quiz template on the design dashboard by dragging and dropping graphic design elements from our content library. Noticed a mistake in your test questions? Edit on the go. You can revise your quiz while you're going to the venue or taking a 10-minute break.

Best of all, you can create your own quiz template and use them for different classes and events. Your work is saved in your Canva account, so you can make and edit your quiz presentations anytime.

Present and share with ease

Worrying about a broken copy machine or printing quiz papers will be a thing of the past. When you create a quiz on Canva, you can download and share it in one click.

Share your quiz with your teammates or peers through email or social media. They can edit the quiz, too, so you can work on the presentation together. When it’s time for the quiz, you can present it straight from your design dashboard. Your students or event attendees will surely enjoy answering each question of your test.


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