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Boost your brand online and engage your audience into action when you make a website. Create professional one-page websites without coding using Canva’s free online website maker. Easily customize our ready-made templates with design elements and tools, then publish within our free domain or your existing one.

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The digital space has been a haven for all sorts of knowledge. Every channel and platform has something to offer. Social media is in a boom, and websites still never go out of style. Create websites that answer your audience’s queries and pack them with the necessary information to help them form a decision. Let your one-page website be the gateway to your brand success, whether it’s to promote a business, showcase a design or photography portfolio, invite a crowd to an event, or offer a limited deal.

Canva’s free website creator lets you make your own website in under an hour and optimize it for desktop or mobile. Start from scratch or work right away with a customizable template from our collection. Add design pages to create multiple sections in your one-page website. Then, use various design elements from our stock library to add texts and imagery in every corner. Easily match your brand’s color palette and theme into fonts, icons, photos, and videos. Preview your work and publish it in our free domain or search for a domain name(opens in a new tab or window) and purchase your own.

How to make a website

Create a website

Create a website

Be your own web designer

Gone are the days when web designing was a daunting task. You can be your own web designer and create a free website in under an hour. Breathe digital life into one-page websites with various web page content ideas for your business, organization, or event. You can even make websites around any goal or purpose that you have in mind. No need for overwhelming coding or design software!

Design a website for free with ready-made layouts you can edit using Canva’s online website maker. It’s as simple as picking one of our customizable templates and tailoring it to your website’s every intent. Need a welcome page for your school program? Want to highlight your latest product or add a link in bio(opens in a new tab or window)? Or are you showcasing your digital art in an interactive online gallery? Mix and match your brand's colors, fonts, and texts, then hit publish.

Make websites a visual experience

Capture the perfect harmony of beautiful imagery from texts, photos, cartoons(opens in a new tab or window), and videos and create a smooth user interface. Unpack rich graphic elements and tools from Canva’s website creator that are enough to establish your site’s visual story. Use icons and vectors as section markers and pick stock images and illustrations as visual contexts for your content. Enhance them to your overall style and theme using our built-in photo editor.

Don’t have enough assets yet? Jump on a different Canva project quickly and make a logo or create a web banner for your webpage. Then, easily download them in high resolution and add them to your layout. You can also upload personal media from your computer or drag and drop them easily into the editor.

See it live with our website maker

Get everything set right before publishing. Preview real-time changes and optimize them readily for any device. Create a website mockup(opens in a new tab or window) to see how you can fine-tune your design. You can invite your team to collaborate simultaneously on your draft and add comments. When you reach a final design, going live doesn’t come with a price with Canva’s website creator.

Do away with expensive website hosting. Canva Free users can publish up to five websites in our free domain, while Canva Pro subscribers can launch unlimited websites. You also can purchase a domain name directly from Canva or use your existing one.

Intuitive website management from start to finish

Keep your website fresh even after publishing. It’s easy to customize your website settings and update your favicon and site description should any changes happen to your overall content and purpose. You can also secure it by limiting access through password protection and hiding it from search engines.

With Canva Pro, our website maker doesn’t stop at just creating websites. Track and measure the effectiveness of your site among visitors with Website Insights. See your number of views, traffic, and engagements over different periods and even set the demographics by country or device. Then, use the data to understand your audience’s nature to improve your content, translate(opens in a new tab or window), and boost interactions within your website.


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@canva is simply outstanding as a tool to create designs. Using Canva is such a seamless experience that once you sit down to design, you don't feel like getting up. It's addictive and useful. Keep going Canva.


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