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Spread the word in the most effective and engaging way. Make your own yard sign with Canva’s intuitive signage maker. You can order it from us, too, to get a personalized, weather-proof lawn sign in no time.

Create Yard Sign Lead

Make a statement in bold print

Design a memorable signage that will stick with people long after they pass it by. With Canva, it’s easy to create a lawn sign that fits your design aesthetic and gets your message across, loud and clear. Create yard signs to promote a product or service, congratulate someone, or cascade a call for support to a cause or advocacy.

You don’t have to start from scratch anymore. Canva has hundreds of customizable templates that are designed to be read from a distance. You can fully customize each element in our intuitive yard sign maker: change the colors, texts, fonts, and graphic elements. Upload your business or personal logo to our signage maker and add it to the design, so people will recognize your brand at first glance. Then, publish any design easily with Canva Print.

How to make yard signs

  1. Start a design
    Open Canva in your browser and start by searching “Yard Signs” to find ready-made designs or go straight to the editor.
  2. Choose a template
    Browse our collection of premade templates and choose one that fits your project. Filter your search by color, theme, or style, and edit your pick for free.
  3. Customize your yard sign
    Modify the existing layout with your content. Replace the texts inside placeholders, and switch colors and fonts to your brand or favorites.
  4. Add elements
    Browse our extensive library of elements to decorate your yard sign. Find stock images, icons, illustrations, and other graphics to drag and drop to your layout. You can also upload your own photos and logos.
  5. Order your yard sign

    Once you’ve finished your yard sign design, download it as an image file. Better yet, order them from Canva Print by clicking Print Yard Signs. Get high-quality, eco-conscious printing with free standard delivery.

Create your own yard sign

Make signs for all events

Whether it’s for a real estate sale, a much-anticipated yard sale, or a show of support for a political cause, spread awareness using signages you designed yourself. Tell everyone about your business reopening, new security protocols, or pet-friendly features. Spread the holiday cheer with a big Christmas greeting, spook your neighbors with a Halloween lawn sign, or welcome guests in style. Canva’s yard sign maker include diverse templates that are customizable to any intent or purpose.

Move people to action

Design your yard signs to nudge people to act, thanks to big and bold typography you can add. Appeal to everyone’s visual senses with eye-catching, adorable design elements to go with your yard. Not only are there free and premium fonts for your texts that stir a sense of urgency. And because you only have a few seconds to catch a person’s eye, you can also add illustrations and icons for quick context. Or upload your own photos to congratulate a loved one or welcome an esteemed guest. Place everyone’s biggest smiles on your custom yard sign.

Perfect for your lawn

Find a professional, all-around yard sign maker in you with Canva. You can order the signage you designed from Canva Print. Enjoy high-quality, one-sided printing with free standard shipping. No minimum order is required, and your new yard sign will arrive in eco-friendly packaging and a free metal H stand for easy installation. You don’t have to worry about early wear and tear, either. Your yard sign is suitable for outdoor use and will stay vibrant for weeks.


The best yard signs are those that are easily spotted while walking or driving. Some design tricks you can employ while creating your own signages:
  • Make your text big, brief, and legible.
  • Use bold color combinations and full-color graphics.
  • Keep the design simple and avoid clutter.
  • Add borders to increase reading speed.

Our yard signs measure 24 x 18 inches in landscape, which is the standard size for most lawn signs. These are the ideal dimensions to capture people’s attention in busy areas.

Yard signs are often made of corrugated plastic or Coroplast. They are 4mm thick, durable, recyclable, and able to stand up to outdoor elements like rain and sunlight.

Put your yard sign in a highly visible area, preferably with lots of vehicle and foot traffic. Make sure that no bush or tree is blocking your signage. Check local laws, too, to verify if you’re allowed to place signs in public areas. If you created multiple yard signs, place them every 600 feet or so.
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