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Canva Creators is on a mission to build the world's best and most diverse content marketplace. It's an opportunity for designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, and subject matter specialists to share their work with hundreds of millions of Canva users. Creators work remotely with complete flexibility and freedom as they empower the world to design.

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Set your own hours

Forget about deadlines, quotas, timesheets, and invoicing. Join Canva Creators, and you can create what you want on your schedule — forget about the freelance admin.

Enjoy creative freedom

We're on a mission to build the world's most diverse content library. So, we encourage Creators to design in their language, incorporate their culture, and represent their country.

Earn while you sleep

Canva's marketplace is available to millions of Canva users — seven days a week, 365 days a year. That means your designs are busy earning a passive income even when you're asleep.

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“Canva Creators has truly changed my life. I'm happy creatively and professionally. Knowing you are putting work out there with a company that you really support and respect and is doing good in the world is amazing.“

Tanya LeClair


Achieve your goals through amazing design

As a Canva Creator, you earn royalties based on your content's performance. Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, or an art director looking for a side hustle, join the Canva Creators' community, and start earning a second income stream doing what you love.

Who can become a Canva Creator?


Template Creators

Primarily graphic designers, web designers, desktop publishers, art directors, and layout artists.

Element Creators

Include photographers, illustrators, typographers, videographers, and artists.


Are you a qualified teacher who wants to join Canva Creators?

Education Speciality Creators are teachers who specifically create educational resources and elements.

What type of content can I publish?

Canva Creators can publish elements and templates to the marketplace. Elements are design assets like photos, graphics, illustrations, vector art, icons, and custom stickers. Templates are customizable layouts for presentations, social media graphics, videos, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, posters, and so much more.

How to become a Template Creator

We're currently onboarding a small number of people to help us build this new program.

  1. Register: Share your portfolio of work with us for consideration.
  2. Publish: Once accepted, design and publish Canva templates.
  3. Earn: Every time your designs are used, you can earn royalties.

Join a thriving community

Connect with creatives, build your brand, and boost your profile.

Canva Creators is a great way to collaborate with like-minded artists, level up your knowledge, and master your craft. Supported by local community managers all over the world, Creators are inspired, engaged, and connected through social events, educational workshops, and design challenges.

Meet our Creator Canvassadors

Canvassadors are mentors and design experts that have excelled within the Creator program and levelled up to become an important extension of the Canva team. They are here to help and support your Canva Creator journey.

Frequently asked questions

Canva Creators is a program for creative people including graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, and teachers, to share their work with hundreds of millions of people and earn royalties.

There are three types of Creators; Template Creators, Element Creators, and Education Specialty Creators.

Anyone can sign up and submit elements. Due to the program's popularity, Element Creator signups are currently paused. Register your interest to find out when signups reopen.

The Template Creator and Education Specialty Creator programs are in beta. That means, we are only onboarding a small number of people. If you would like to be considered for early access please submit an application along with your portfolio of work.

Education Specialty Creators are qualified teachers. Teachers need to apply and be verified to be accepted into this specialty program.

All Canva Creators can upload elements. Elements are design assets that include photos, graphics, illustrations, and vector art.

Those in the Template Creator program also create templates. Templates are customizable layouts like presentations, social media graphics, videos, t-shirts, flyers, and more.

Anyone can sign up to contribute elements (e.g., photos and graphics). Your elements go through a review process before appearing in Canva’s library.

If you would also like to publish templates, you need to apply to this separate program.

Creators earn royalties based on their content's performance. There is a separate royalty pool for elements and templates. The size of the royalty pools grow with Canva's subscription revenues and is calculated every month. Find out more here.

Yes. All submissions undergo a review process. To pass review, templates and elements must meet our design requirements. Guidelines are provided upon your successful application.

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