Branding your business

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What’s a brand?

  • What we mean when we talk about branding
  • Why branding matters to you or your business
  • How to deliver on your brand promise

Start with purpose

  • Why some brands are more successful than others
  • How to identify your brand’s purpose
  • How to define your brand’s values

Find your tribe

  • How to focus on your target audience
  • How to understand, and learn from, your audience
  • How to earn trust

Add some personality

  • How to think about your brand’s personality
  • How to plot your personality on a spectrum
  • How to find your place among the 12 brand archetypes

Give it a name

  • The difference between descriptive, emotive and invented names
  • How to brainstorm names for your brand
  • A checklist for How to test your brand name

Design your logo

  • The different parts that make up a logo
  • How to tell your brand’s story with symbology
  • Best practices when designing your logo

Find the right font

  • How different fonts evoke different emotions
  • How to find a font that fits your brand’s personality
  • How to choose complementary fonts for your brand

Mind your tone

  • What a brand voice is and why and it’s important
  • The difference between brand voice and tone

Connect with color

  • What emotions we associate with different colors
  • The psychology behind brands and colors
  • Differentiate your brand from others

Style your imagery

  • The importance of brand imagery
  • How to match your imagery to your brand personality
  • Tips for consistency across brand imagery

Build a Brand Kit

  • The importance of consistency when it comes to branding
  • Why you need a style guide to be consistent
  • How to put a brand kit together in Canva

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You have completed the course

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Evolve your brand

  • It takes time to build your brand presence
  • Brands should evolve over time
  • The importance of following through on your brand promise



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