1. Canva Pro for Nonprofits

Canva Pro for Nonprofits

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Getting Started with Canva for Nonprofits

Canva helps you create beautiful designs and create change in the world. If you’re a registered nonprofit, social impact organization or health organization, you can unlock the power of ‘Canva Pro for Nonprofits’ for your team at no cost at all. Find out how to apply in this video.

  1. Canva Pro for Nonprofits
  2. Key features
  3. How to sign up

Starting inspired with Nonprofit Templates

Canva empowers everyone, everywhere to design. Learn how to get started in Canva Pro for Nonprofits and make the most of all the resources specifically designed for nonprofits.

  1. Homepage overview
  2. Quick editor overview
  3. Templates & resources for nonprofits

Managing your Brand

Having a strong brand makes your nonprofit recognizable across communities, countries, languages and media. Learn how to manage your brand with Canva Pro for Nonprofits.

  1. What is a brand
  2. Why it matters
  3. How to set up a brand kit

Applying your Brand Kit

Canva makes it incredibly easy to apply your brand to all your collateral across digital and print. Find out how in this video.

  1. Apply your brand kit
  2. Styles

Designing with Images

Canva Pro for Nonprofits gives you access to millions of images and infinite ways to edit them creatively. Watch this video for tips on how to best use images in your designs.

  1. Overview (how many images and inclusivity)
  2. Searching images
  3. Uploading your own images
  4. Resizing, cropping and framing images
  5. Editing images
  6. Background remover

Designing for Social Media

Social media is the best way to amplify your message and build a movement. Canva Pro for Nonprofits makes it easier than ever to design, schedule and track your posts on social platforms. Find out how in this video.

  1. Using a social media template
  2. Magic resize
  3. Sharing your post
  4. Using the Content Planner
  5. Getting insights

Designing Presentations

How many times have you experienced ‘death by presentation’? This video shows you how to make your next presentation beautiful and engaging using Canva Pro for Nonprofits.

  1. Using a presentation template
  2. Managing your presentation
  3. Adding motion to your presentation
  4. Exporting your presentation

Creating Talking Presentations

Whether your team is scattered across different time zones or you simply want a resource for people to refer back to, Talking Presentations let you present as if you were there in person. With Canva you can record yourself as you talk through your presentation, making it easier than ever to bring your message to life.

  1. What’s a talking presentation?
  2. How to use the recording studio
  3. How to start, pause and stop recording
  4. How to share a talking presentation

Making Videos

Videos are a great way to tell a story and rally your community around a cause. With Canva, you can create an awesome video in no time.

  1. Choosing a video format
  2. How the timeline works
  3. Customizing your video (graphics, videos, audio)
  4. Adding transitions
  5. Sharing your video

Designing for Print

While digital communication continues to expand, print still has a huge role to play in spreading your message. Find out what projects you can create, and print, with Canva.

  1. Searching for templates
  2. Printing your designs
  3. Printing sustainably with Canva

Editing PDFs

Are you looking for a tool that lets you edit PDFs quickly and easily? Canva’s PDF Editor can help.

  1. Importing a PDF
  2. Editing a PDF
  3. Making a PDF interactive
  4. Exporting a PDF

Working Collaboratively

Design doesn’t happen in isolation: from brainstorming to editing and approvals, collaboration is crucial. With Canva Pro for Nonprofits, you can unlock the full power of your team.

  1. Creating a Team
  2. Assigning roles
  3. Creating a Group
  4. Working collaboratively

Managing Files

Great design is not only about creativity. Staying organized and managing files saves you time and energy for the work that truly matters.

  1. Creating folders
  2. Arranging folders
  3. Accessing folders from the Editor
  4. Saving elements

Turbocharging your Workflow

When we say you can do pretty much anything in Canva, we mean it. Canva has tons of integrations that let you work seamlessly with other apps. Find out all about integrations in this video.

  1. Using integrations
  2. Example: Mailchimp integration
  3. Exploring integrations

Using Shortcuts in Canva

Shortcuts are a great way to get recurring tasks done faster. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular shortcuts in Canva.

  1. Keyboard basics
  2. Adding Elements
  3. Text
  4. Selecting, grouping, moving, duplicating elements
  5. Presentation

Brainstorming with Canva

Great brainstorming sessions help people work together intentionally and create great ideas. Set up your collaborative sessions for success with Canva.

  1. Start Inspired
  2. Make meetings visual
  3. Design virtual workshops
  4. Draw with Canva
  5. Invite team members

Designing Websites In Canva

Canva Sites are the easy way to create search-friendly, single-page websites that work across desktop, tablet and mobile.

  1. Start Inspired
  2. Structure your Canva Site
  3. Edit your Content
  4. Brand your Canva Site
  5. Add Links
  6. Preview your Canva Site

Publishing Your Website With Canva

Your Canva Site is done. Now, it’s time to share it with the world. Let’s find out how to publish your Canva Site.

  1. Publish your Canva Site
  2. Get a Free Canva Domain
  3. Purchase a New Domain
  4. Use an Existing Domain
  5. Edit your Canva Site
  6. Manage your Domains

Using Canva Pro On Mobile

Did you know your nonprofit can unlock the full power of Canva Pro on desktop and on mobile or tablet? Watch on to find out what you can create with the Canva app.

  1. Downloading the Canva App (Android and iOS)
  2. App interface
  3. Creating a social media post
  4. Saving the post
  5. Sharing the post

Creating Data Graphs In Canva

Communicating data in a compelling way is crucial for any nonprofit. In this video, you’ll see how to show your impact using data with Canva.

  1. Why data is important for nonprofits
  2. Types of charts you can design
  3. Adding data
  4. Customizing chart look and feel
  5. Changing chart type with one click

Designing Tables in Canva

Have you ever needed a table with a list of your donors or to share important financial information about your nonprofit? Learn how to get the most out of tables in Canva.

  1. How to create a table
  2. How to add data
  3. How to customize tables
  4. How to add and remove columns and rows
  5. How to style tables

Adding Subtitles to Your Videos

Canva lets you create subtitles and make your videos more accessible for your audience.

  1. How to prep your video
  2. How to splitting videos into scenes
  3. How to add subtitles

Turning Designs into Templates

Did you know you can save your Canva designs as templates for others to work on?

  1. How to check your team settings
  2. How to create a template
  3. How to edit your template

Making Fast Presentations with Layouts

Canva’s preset layouts help you save time and create stunning presentations in no time.

  1. How to find the layouts tab in Canva
  2. How to find the right layout
  3. How to keep your layouts on-brand

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Editing PowerPoint Presentations in Canva

Did you know you can edit a PowerPoint presentation in Canva? Here’s how.

  1. How to import a PowerPoint into Canva
  2. How to edit a PowerPoint
  3. How to adjust a PowerPoint
  4. How to share your presentation
  5. How to download your presentation



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