Become a Pinterest Creator with Ashley Schroeder

12,986 students

Why create on Pinterest?

– Discover the value of Pinterest to creators and users
– Learn how Pinterest works
– How to get setup to begin creating

Types of Pins

– Find out the different Pin formats on Pinterest
– How to determine moments and content to inspire your audience
– Understand the value of having a Pin objective

Design a Pin

– Our top design tips when creating Pins in Canva
– Discover ways Canva makes designing a Pin easy
– Learn how to publish your Pin directly to Pinterest in Canva

Stay consistent

– Discover the value in planning content and creating often
– Learn how a brand mood board and Canva’s brand kit helps to set rules for brand consistency
– See how easy it is to schedule content to auto publish from Canva to Pinterest

Build your following

– Discover Pinterest’s best practices
– Find out how you can claim from other platforms to cross promote content and widen your reach
– Learn how to easily resize your designs with Canva Pro to promote your Pins across channels

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Audience engagement

– Discover how to measure the success of your content on Pinterest
– Find out what content people are searching for on Pinterest
– Learn how to use Pinterest’s Business Hub dashboard, setting your content up for success to help you grow your audience



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