Creating a logo

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The how and why of designing logos

  1. The significance of logos
  2. Logo categories: wordmark, monogram and pictogram
  3. The elements that make up a logo
  4. How to create recognizable logos
  5. Flexibility in logo designs

Learn & Play

Learn how to categorize logos in this interactive activity

Logo design with Canva templates

  1. How to create logos with templates
  2. What to consider when designing a logo
  3. How to edit logos with Canva
  4. Tips to make your logo suitable for different uses

The psychology of logo design

  1. What Gestalt Theory means
  2. How we perceive images
  3. The principles of the Gestalt Theory
  4. Why simple logos catch your attention

Creating logo concepts with Canva

  1. Brainstorming your logo ideas with Canva
  2. Making design fun
  3. How to use Gestalt theory when creating a logo

The logo design thinking process

  1. Using the Design Thinking Process
  2. Research and competitor analysis
  3. Ideation and prototyping
  4. Presenting to clients and getting feedback

Making a logo from scratch with Canva

  1. How to make a wordmark, a monogram and a pictogram logo
  2. What to consider when making a logo
  3. How to customize letter spacing, fonts and colors
  4. Tips to engage your audience with logos

The how and why of logo guidelines

What makes a logo memorable

How to make a logo usage guideline for your brand

What elements should stay consistent in your logo

Tips to design a logo usage guideline

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Learn & Play

Learn how to mock up a logo in this activity

Designing logo guidelines with Canva

  1. The elements that make up a logo usage guideline
  2. How to design a brand guideline template with Canva
  3. How to structure your brand guideline with Canva’s tool
  4. Tips to design the layout of your logo usage guideline



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