Graphic design basics: From the experts

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Design to communicate

  • What we mean when we talk about design
  • Why design matters to you
  • How everyone can learn to think like a designer


Feeling inspired? Practice what you've learned by creating your own moodboard!

Moodboard magic

  • How to begin the design process
  • How to create a moodboard
  • Where to find inspiration


Practice using visual space to enhance your content with this activity.

Practise proximity

  • How to use visual space to enhance your content
  • The importance of grouping related items together
  • How to use negative space effectively


Do this activity to learn how to align all your elements in one consistent way.

Ace alignment

  • The purpose of alignment
  • How to use grids to keep your content organized
  • How to align your elements in one consistent way


Wondering 'what the font should I choose?' Learn more about font styles in this activity.

What the font!?

  • Understand the difference between serif, sans serif and display fonts and when to use them
  • Learn how to use different font styles to match your message
  • Create a go-to list of your favorite fonts


Practice some font pairing principles in this activity.

Opposites attract

  • Learn how to pair fonts by staying within one family
  • Learn how to avoid conflict in font pairing
  • Learn that opposites attract when it comes to fonts


Practice making your content pop with size, weight, color and style in this activity.

Make it pop!

  • Use visual hierarchy to make the most important information stand out
  • Create contrast with size, weight, colour, style
  • Be bold when it comes to contrast


Let's look at complimentary, analagous and triadic color schemes in this activity.

Color wheel basics

  • Understand the color wheel, looking at primary and secondary colors
  • Learn about complementary, analogous and triad color relationships


In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create tints and shades with Canva.

Tints and shades

  • Learn the difference between warm and cool colors
  • Learn the difference between shading and tinting
  • Learn how to add richness and variety to your color palette

Color combos

  • How to choose your colors based on a logical approach
  • How to pick colour to fit your theme
  • How to seek inspiration for your color palette


Let's practice combining text and images in this activity.

Photo love

  • How to choose the right image to tell a story
  • How to work with negative space and composition
  • How to give contrast to text

Nice Work!

You have completed the course

You have completed the course

Now show us what you've learned!

Create a design(opens in a new tab or window)



Share and publish

  • What file formats you can download your design as
  • What file format should you choose
  • The difference between JPEGs, PNGs and PDFs



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