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Planning your Presentation

  • Research the audience
  • Consider their point of view
  • Solve the audience’s goals
  • Define your topic in a sentence
  • Write a memorable presentation
  • Build your slides around a theme
  • Tell a story
  • Bridge the gap between present and future
  • Engage the audience’s imagination

Show don’t tell

  • Design slides with less text and more imagery
  • Illustrate each point
  • Brainstorm new ideas to avoid cliches
  • Design text that is easy to read
  • Use big text sizing
  • Select the right font styles
  • Design slides with high contrast
  • Use dark backgrounds to steer focus
  • Select a color palette
  • Create a cohesive look and feel
  • Apply a similar treatment to your graphics
  • Avoid distracting design decisions

Simplifying your Presentation

  • Simplify your content
  • Present one idea per page
  • Step through your points one by one
  • Simplify your information
  • Focus on the data that matters most
  • Design beautiful infographics
  • Use your slides effectively
  • Visualise what you’re saying
  • Connect with the audience

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You have completed the course

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Presenting your Presentation

  • Own the stage
  • Practise, practise, present
  • Rehearse in detail
  • Speak about things you know
  • Find an authentic way to present
  • Help the audience to empathise



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