1. Social media mastery

Social media mastery

235,315 students

Master social media

  • How we define social media
  • The value of online communities
  • The ultimate goal of social media

Find your focus

  • The differences between social media channels
  • Why you should focus on one channel
  • How to determine which channel you should focus on

Set your goals

  • Why we need to track our progress
  • How to determine your goals
  • What to measure to determine success

Define your style

  • How to create your own look and feel for social media
  • How to keep your posts consistent
  • How to use templates for different content types

Make it visual

  • The importance of using visuals in your post
  • How to visualize your content ideas
  • Tactics to make your post more visual

Color, Contrast & Clarity

  • Why beautiful social media posts matter
  • How to design a visually attractive post
  • How to leverage the three C’s – color, contrast and clarity

Master your videos

  • Why people are drawn to video content
  • How to use storytelling in your videos
  • How to hook your audience in the first three seconds

Tailor your content

  • How all channels require different dimensions
  • The importance of tailoring your content to each channel
  • How to use Magic Resize to tailor your content

Educate, inspire, entertain

  • How to come up with new ideas for content
  • How to educate, inspire and entertain your audience
  • The importance of trying different types of content

Plan ahead

  • The importance of creating a content plan
  • How to generate content ideas
  • How to create a simple social media content plan

Build your community

  • The importance of human connection in social media
  • Tips for building relationships with your audience
  • How to respond to comments effectively

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Make your mark

  • How to promote your content
  • How to leverage all your marketing channels
  • How to use small gestures to resonate with your audience



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