Diary templates

Diary templates

Give your journal a cover worthy of the creative thoughts and authentic emotions you write on its pages by customizing free templates of diary content designs from Canva.

Diary templates
Diary templates

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Printable diaries by Canva

Remember the days when teenagers would decorate their diary covers by hand with stickers, doodles, and collages? You can relive that old-school practice again with your daily journal without the mess that crafting usually creates.

Check out Canva’s creative diary design ideas that can help you create a one-of-a-kind cover, whether it’s a memoir in the making, a gratitude journal, a food diary, or an account of whatever you want to manifest. Pick from free and printable diary templates that encapsulate what every entry means to you, and get busy customizing it according to your taste using Canva’s user-friendly editing tools.

You can begin by putting a title to your personalized diary. Type it alongside your preferred subtitle in the designated text boxes and make tweaks in the suggested font styles and colors as you wish. You can even create more text boxes for any tagline or quotes you want to incorporate in the diary layout design. Simply use your creative eye to adjust their placements.

Craft an exciting look with your favorite visual elements, from the background colors and textures to the featured images. Canva’s media library contains professional stock photos, varying illustration styles, and other design ingredients such as frames and icons. Use the drag-and-drop editor to place your chosen elements onto the layout and fix their sizes and placements. You can also upload pictures to the dashboard for a more personalized diary content design.

Modify your diary’s back cover with the same professional diary template you selected. You can put your name, contact details, and icons or smaller imagery that complement the cover design. Use the same DIY editing process you’ve used for the first page and make adjustments where you see fit.

Save and download your work in high-resolution and printable files once you’re happy with your customized creative diary design idea. You can send an order directly to Canva Print for quality and affordable printing. We’ll deliver your diary on time and an exquisite finish, just before your next entry.