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Give your clients a user-friendly experience when they fill out forms. Function meets design in our form document templates, which you can easily customize and print.

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Printable form documents by Canva

When creating forms, design is often not the foremost priority. But a well-made document can serve its purpose and be easy to fill out when it has a functional design. Give your customers and your partners a user-friendly experience by making your form documents practical, appealing, and cohesive to your branding. With Canva’s modern and attractive templates, your documents will go beyond looking plain, unimaginative, and impersonal.

Get inspired by our form document examples in the templates gallery. Find one that suits your purpose, or filter your browsing experience by style, theme, or color. Make use of receiving form templates for document deliveries to optimize and streamline your processes. Create sign-up forms for your club that exude a welcoming vibe for new members. Keep your registration forms consistent with your event’s theme, whether you’re hosting a craft workshop or a business conference. Or get to know your clients better with the help of our intake form templates.

Our fillable form template is a nifty replacement for typical documents that can feel too structured. Use the customization features in your dashboard to add a dash of color and style. Give your form a modern touch by switching the font styles and adding a unique border around the page. You can browse the media library for visual elements to add to your project. Upload your brand kit on Canva to create custom branding for your document and form templates. It’s a small step that helps make your overall image look clean and professional.

Your finished document is easily downloadable and will stay in your dashboard if you need to update and edit it in the future. But you can also save copies of the form documents on your desktop and print them instantly. Fast, easy, and efficient—Canva optimizes the work for you. From organizing delivery inventories to letting others fill out forms efficiently, performing administrative tasks will never feel like work again.