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Inspiring teachers, engaging students.

Transform your teaching experience this school year with Canva for Education. It’s 100% free forever, so you can engage your students, meet their needs, and help them succeed.

Canva for Education at a glance

Everything you need for a successful classroom this school year

Educational Templates

1000s of free templates to get you started.

Free Canva Pro features

Access premium Canva Pro features for free.

Support Student Creativity

Set work to help them develop creative skills.

LMS Integrations

Seamlessly sync all your favorites with Canva.

How-to tutorials

Getting started as a teacher

Learn how to get set up on Canva for Education to prepare for the new school year.

Collaborating in Canva

Learn how to make the most of Canva’s collaboration feature.

Design Infographics Activities

Learn how to inspire students with our range of infographic templates

Design Video Activities

Learn how to create impactful videos and activities with Canva.

Design Brainstorm Activities

Learn how to get your students brainstorming together with Canva.

Design Poster Activities

Learn how to design and print posters to decorate your classroom.

Educational Templates for the upcoming school year

Check out our range of fully customizable templates to get you started
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Meet Mrs. Deane

Bronwyn Deane is a kindergarten to grade 6 primary school teacher and works in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in creating digital and printed content for students’ social and emotional learning needs. 

Using Canva for Education, she has revolutionized her classroom resources with the wide range of templates. Having seen the value in starting inspired with educational templates, Bronwyn now creates her own that you can use for your students.

Educational webinars

Get set for the new school year

Join educators Paige and Keera to learn how Canva can help you get ready for the new school year.

Create videos for your classroom

Learn how to create quality video content for your classroom or together with your students.

Remote teaching with Canva

Discover tips on using Canva to teach remotely, create your Canva classroom, and invite your students.

Sparking creativity in High School

Join teacher George Lee to learn how to use presentations in two completely different ways.

The Canva Classroom

Learn how to make beautiful resources quickly and easily with Canva for Education.

Tips and Tricks to design content for Students

Learn how you can create flyers, posters, daily agendas, and certificates.

Redefining Collaboration

Join Carly Daff, Canva for Education’s Product Director to take you through our integrations.

Collaborative student assignments

Join George Lee as he shares innovative project-based learning, with student collaboration at its core.

Print with Canva

Bring your lessons to life. Did you know that you can design and print educational resources such as worksheets and posters directly with Canva?

  • Print sustainably: We’ve partnered with local eco-conscious printers so you can print with guaranteed quality and sustainability.
  • Free delivery: No matter what you order, we’ll deliver it directly to your door for free.
  • One Print. One Tree: You can feel good about printing with us, as for every print order received, we‘ll plant one tree.
  • We say no to plastic and foam: Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we use recycled paper to protect your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is! No paywall, no trial, nada. It’s free for individual teachers, schools, districts, and school systems.

Primary and secondary (K-12) age students can access Canva for Education via their teacher signing up and inviting them to join. They can’t sign up on their own. 


Older students can still access Canva free and Canva Pro.

No. All Pro features are included in Canva for Education, but it is much more than that! With Canva for Education, you get dedicated features for educators, such as a class/school space to share work and assignments, 1000s of high quality educational templates, LMS integrations, and more.

Districts can also enjoy enterprise-level deployment, onboarding support, and professional development training.

Users can upgrade by logging in to their account, going to, and going through the process to upgrade. All existing designs will be transferred over.

Yes! Canva for Education is designed to be a collaborative tool and is 100% free for schools and districts too – no matter how many users! We also offer Canva for Districts – an all-in-one free creation and communication tool for the entire district, with enterprise-level deployment.

Yes. Our dedicated education and district offerings are FERPA- and COPPA-compliant, and offers safe-for-school content. We are also a signatory of the National Data Privacy Agreement.

Our Canva for Education offering is currently only available for primary and secondary (K-12) teachers, their students, schools, and districts. But Canva is free for everyone and great for assignments, resumes, and a host of other things. Visit the homepage and start designing for free today.