How Macquarie Anglican Grammar School set their school year up for success with Canva

Beginning the 2021 school year is daunting. With the disruptions of the previous year still looming, teachers need all the help they can get to help students stay focused and engaged, whether learning from home or in the physical classroom.

For Keera Job, Head of Junior School at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, in Dubbo, Australia, Canva has been an invaluable resource. “We pride ourselves on the teaching and learning programs that we have in place, and part of that is creating a classroom environment that’s not only safe and supportive for our students, but it’s also really engaging and inspiring.”

By using Canva for Education, her teaching staff have unlimited access to classroom resources, such as worksheets, that can easily be shared with students, wherever they are. Students can then create, collaborate, and comment on projects, while teachers watch their progress and respond. It eases a lot of the tensions around remote learning while also creating new ways to work together and keep engagement high in a traditional classroom setting.

Central to the appeal of Canva is just how easy it is to use. Teachers can invite students of all ages and abilities to design and customize high-quality templates to their needs. There are thousands of templates for both teachers and students, covering everything from assignments to classroom posters.

Canva for Education can be utilized from day one, particularly useful for icebreaker activities during the first week back. By accessing the About Me posters or video templates, students can confidently introduce themselves to their new classmates. These designs can be brought to life with millions of free photos, graphics, animations, and even music, enabling students to express themselves in many different ways. This ensures their voice is heard, no matter their level of skill or even if they’re miles apart.

At its heart, Canva for Education encourages creativity. It improves learning through design, builds strong connections in-person or remotely, and makes everyday classroom activities fun. So for educators looking to start 2021 in the best possible way, Canva for Education might be just what you need.

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