Education Creators is a brand new BETA program. We are currently onboarding a small group of teachers to help us make Educator Creators the best it can be! If you would like early access please register your interest. If you have been selected you will receive an email. Otherwise, you will be notified when we officially launch.

Education Creators

Educate the world. Earn with Canva.

Education Creators is a new program within Canva that allows teachers to create, publish and earn from their educational templates on Canva. Register today to get early access!

Canva for Education - Creators

  • Design class resources in Canva that reflect your teaching style and favourite subjects.
  • Publish and share your designs with Canva’s over 60 million monthly active users.
  • Create for your classroom and earn from your designs, all in one platform!

What is Education Creators?

Education Creators is an exciting new program within Canva that allows teachers around the world to create, publish, and earn from their designs in Canva.

We launched the BETA program in June 2020 and we are now starting to build our marketplace with quality teacher resource templates.

Joining as a Teacher

As a creator, you can make educational templates based on your favorite subjects and what you think your teaching community would love to use.

Template Design

Template design is unique because you are making a design that someone else will then adapt for their own needs. You will need to make templates that are usable and customizable.

Your templates go through a review process to test their usability, but don’t worry we have resources to help you with this process!

Templates Design

Join our Creator Community!

By joining our Creator community, you’ll meet like-minded creatives designing all kinds of templates. We have a community group exclusively for teachers where you can bounce ideas and inspiration off each other!

You’ll have the opportunity to engage in valuable discussions, share inspiration and participate in upskilling opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently accepting applications from:

  • Teachers, Google Certified Educators, and Google Certified Trainers working for educational institutions accredited by an authorized governmental agency,
  • education support staff members like librarians, teaching aides or assistants, learning support teachers, and curriculum coordinators

Do note that there is a verification process in place as part of the onboarding.

Not at the moment. In this early stage of the program, we are looking to onboard certified educators.

If you are keen to publish & earn from non-educational templates, check out Canva Creators.

In this early stage, we are looking to onboard educators with design skills. Hence, to maximize your chances of getting selected for our beta program, we encourage you to submit your best work/designs in your application.

Education Creators is a niche under the Canva Creators program. Currently, an Education Creator is only allowed to publish education-related templates. In contrast, Creators that are not part of Education Creators are not allowed to publish education-related templates.

Creators are paid via a royalty model. Each month, a percentage of the total Canva Pro revenue is allotted for the royalty pool. How much a Creator receives from this royalty pool will depend on how many Pro template exports they have. More Pro templates export (relative to the number of overall usages) means more shares from the royalty pool.

Creators may also get paid for select Free template usages.

As Canva Pro grows, so does the royalty pool. This also means that more successful Pro templates allow us to pay more royalties to Creators.

We will share more information on monetization after you are onboarded as an Education Creator.

We’ll review your application and get in touch via e-mail if you’re accepted into the beta program.

Kindly note that we are currently experimenting with Education Creators with a small group of early adopters. Hence, it may take up to a couple of months to be signed on as an Education Creator.

We will be onboarding more users to the program gradually in the coming months.

You can choose to receive your earnings via Paypal, Payoneer, or Skrill.

Payments are sent on the 15th of each month (or earlier) after your earnings reach the payout threshold.

You will receive more information on this after you are onboarded as an Education Creator.

Create for your classroom and earn from your designs!

Register your interest to be part of our Education Creators program today. Submit your best designs in your application to increase your chances of getting early access.