Canva for Education and Microsoft

How Canva for Education works with your favorite Microsoft tools

Sign up for Canva for Education with Microsoft

  1. Choose Sign up with Microsoft when applying for Canva for Education
  2. Once approved, you can now enjoy Canva for Education!
  3. Add your class name and share the get invite link to Microsoft Teams for your students to join the class

Customize your Microsoft Teams

Choose from our templates to decorate and customize your Microsoft Teams backgrounds and Teams tiles for different subjects and grade levels.

Share student assignments to Microsoft Teams

1. Create the assignment template and publish to Microsoft Teams

2. Select Create an assignment, choose the Team to assign to, fill in the details and Assign

3. Success! Your assignment has been shared

Support your students with social-emotional learning activities

Support the wellbeing of your students and help them develop critical future-ready skills with our ready-made social emotional learning activities, which can be easily shared to Microsoft Teams.