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Empower your teachers, students, and staff to collaborate and communicate visually with Canva for Education, 100% free for primary and secondary schools.

School staff collaborating using Canva’s whiteboard feature to complete tasks.
OVER 600,000 schools and 6,000 SCHOOL Districts use Canva
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A free visual communications suite for your K-12 school and district

Yes, it's 100% free. Canva believes in equal opportunity for all students. Making Canva for Education 100% free for primary and secondary schools and districts is our way of giving back.

Discover the full potential of Canva for your School

Ideate, create, review, and collaborate with ease between teachers, students, and staff members – all in one place. Get your entire school system collaborating together quickly.

You’re in control with Canva. Manage or restrict permissions as you need. Log in fast and securely with single sign-on (SSO). Canva for Education is FERPA and COPPA compliant, a signatory of the US National Data Privacy Agreement, and will provide a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendum.

Easily connect work back to your LMS. Create engaging assignments with Canva, then share and review student assignments from your LMS. Canva supports integration with many popular student information systems and data integration tools, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology, Classlink, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Aeries, Skyward, Global Grid for Learning, and more(opens in a new tab or window).

Access thousands of high-quality, educational resources to personalize for your students. Quickly craft compelling visual content for administrative or educational needs with Docs, Presentations, Video, Websites, Social Media, Whiteboards, and Print.

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Why Canva for Schools & Districts?

  • Universal access to premium features across your school or district, with single sign-on and data protection.
  • Easily engage students with Canva’s Visual Suite in every lesson and project.
  • Fully customizable settings and controls for peace of mind.
  • Streamline workflows and encourage collaboration at all levels.
  • Free professional learning resources and customer support for your school.
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A time-saving, all-in-one tool, 100% free

Canva supports everyone in your school, from administrators, to teachers, to students.

School staff collaborating using Canva together

A seamless fit in your learning ecosystem

Get everyone in the institution onto Canva’s top-tier education offering, with a domain-wide rollout of premium features, management controls, and data protections. Support seamless collaboration and visual communication for students, teachers, and staff. Enjoy the convenience and security of a single sign-on (SSO) and integrations with your favorite tools.

What are people saying about Canva for Education?

Join thousands of schools across the globe who love Canva for Education

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  • Wichita Public Schools School student working with Canva on their Desktop.

“I consider myself a creative person outside of school. I love painting, arts and crafts. But at school, my creativity comes through technology. Implementing lessons in Canva is far more enjoyable as a teacher than showing them in different platforms.”

Liz Johnson

Assistant Principal, Wirreanda Public School

Attend a webinar to learn how it works

Join a weekly webinar in your timezone to learn more about Canva for Education. If you can’t see a suitable time please Contact the Education team.

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Bring learning to life with Canva

Everyone in your school or district can create presentations, posters, videos, digital whiteboards, newsletters, teacher portals, marketing collateral, parent communication websites, and so much more, all in Canva.

K-12 educator and his students

K-12 teachers

Customize content to engage students in every lesson, class, or project. Design visual docs, perfect presentations, brainstorm on whiteboards, and much more.

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Schools & Districts

Make your daily tasks a breeze with fast workflows, knowledge sharing, and collaboration between any department.

Students working together using Canva to complete an assignment.


Achieve personal and academic goals and stand out in the classroom with creative tools and build critical skills in design, digital communication, data visualisation, and more.

University student standing holding books after presenting using Canva.

Higher Education

Empower everyone in your higher education institution to create, collaborate, and communicate with Canva.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Canva for Education is 100% free, with no paywalls or nasty surprises.

It’s our commitment that Canva will remain 100% free for K-12 (primary and secondary) educators, their students, as well as qualified school districts and institutions.

Canva for Education empowers teachers, students, and staff to do their best work with ease with the power of visual communication, 100% free.

Whether you’re learning the skills of the future, creatively engaging the classroom, collaborating on a group assignment, building a newsletter, you can do it with Canva, and unlock everyone’s potential.

With Canva for Schools & Districts, your entire school or district can access all Canva for Education has to offer at scale, 100% free. This includes all the benefits of Canva for Education plus access to Brand Kits in your own Brand Hub to create consistency, security, centralized account provisioning, tools integrations, and more.

All Canva Teams features are included in Canva for Education, as well as dedicated features for educators, such as LMS integrations, the ability to share work and assignments with students, thousands of high quality educational templates, and more.

School districts and institutions can also enjoy enterprise-grade security features, deployment via SSO, onboarding support, and professional development training - all for free.

Canva for Education is available for schools, districts and individual educators at the K-12 (primary and secondary) level.

Students can create, collaborate, and communicate visually in the classroom, while teachers and administrators can save time and engage their audiences with ease. Check out our full eligibility guidelines.

Canva for Schools & Districts is only available for K-12 (primary and secondary) educators, students, and staff at qualified school districts and institutions. Check out our full eligibility guidelines. Higher education institution can get access to Canva for Campus.

With Canva for Schools & Districts, everyone in your school can access all Canva for Education has to offer at scale.

Technical requirements for Canva for Schools & Districts include:

  • Your institution must connect Canva to a SAML 2.0-compatible single sign-on (SSO) provider
  • Your institution must have its own email domain(s), from which users will log in to Canva

No problem. Once your school or districts integrates with Canva, users will not only gain access to their new managed school teams, but will also retain access to their pre-existing content, all via a single login.

The benefits of Canva for Schools & Districts are:

  • Ensuring all of your teachers, students, and staff have Canva for Education, along with its premium features and data protections, all for free
  • Enable SSO and district-wide access for all teachers, students, and staff
  • Streamlined management and reporting permissions
  • Advanced District level controls including:
  • Elements control
  • Photo control
  • Video and music control
  • Publish control
  • Apps control
  • templates control
  • Integrations with your LMS and go-to classroom tools, such as Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom
  • Ongoing dedicated strategic support, detailed and personalized reporting, resources and help from the Canva Team

Keen to learn more? Contact us to get started.

Our dedicated education and district offerings are FERPA and COPPA compliant, and we are also a signatory of the National Data Privacy Agreement. We are committed to GDPR compliance and offer safe-for-school content.

We’re committed to ensuring students can harness the full potential of Canva while remaining completely safe regarding the content they access in Canva’s library.

Canva uses a multi-layered set of safeguards to ensure the content within our Canva for Education platform is safe for school and safe for students. As well as a set of blocked search terms, we also leverage a best-in-class machine learning platform which scans our existing collection of millions of photos and graphics to identify, flag, and remove access to “not safe for school” content for Canva for Education users. Our collections are reviewed by human content moderators to ensure compliance with our “not safe for school” definitions.

Learn Canva by tapping into our vast library of educational resources including product tutorials, courses and resources, or student resources designed by fellow teachers for teachers.

Join our global or local online teaching communities to learn and be inspired by fellow teachers. [Join us on Facebook][Follow us on Twitter]

Canva provides ongoing strategic support for your entire school or education team, including detailed and personalized reporting, resources, and professional development for teachers, and your school.

Canva integrates with the most popular classroom tools, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Schoology, Classlink, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Aeries, Skyward, Global Grid for Learning, and more here(opens in a new tab or window).

K-12 (primary or secondary) teachers, schools, and school systems are eligible for Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) or Canva for Districts. If you're in higher education,please visit our Canva for Campus page(opens in a new tab or window) to learn more.