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Engage every learner, bring lessons to life, and teach your way with Canva. These resources are 100% free to power up your classroom today, and every day.

Ready-to-teach lessons

1,000+ engaging teaching resources
Our K-12 library is filled with lessons, worksheets, activities, presentations, and more, filtered by subject or grade to engage your students

100+ free ready-to-teach curricular lessons

Explore K-8 Maths, Science, English, ELA and Art resources, grouped into lessons, made by teachers for teachers.

10+ practical real-world courses for students

Explore lessons on financial literacy, AI, critical thinking, and more to prepare your students with a diverse skill set.

Save time with ready-to-teach classroom materials

Education Library

Engage your students with thousands of free ready-to-teach lessons and resources for K-8 Maths, Science, English, ELA, and Art. Choose from complete lessons or get inspired with resources designed by teachers, for teachers.

Curricular Lessons

Save time on planning. Ready-to-teach curricular lessons are the easy way to resonate with all kinds of learners. Every lesson is customizable and can be grouped into sequences so students can work at their own pace.

Future Skills Lessons

Deliver practical and high-impact courses to help prepare your students for the real world. With courses like Personal Finance, Social Impact, and more, it’s the perfect complement to any core curriculum.

Create and deliver lessons your way

Create-your-own lessons

Create your own structured lesson, then teach it seamlessly – all on Canva. Start from scratch, choose a template, or upload your own materials to make a visually engaging lesson fit for your teaching style.

Design Accessibility

Make learning inclusive for all. Canva’s built-in accessibility tool takes out the guesswork by automatically checking your designs before you share or teach them to flag any potential accessibility issues.

Make lessons pop with AI

Magic Write™

Free up time for more meaningful classroom engagement with your AI-powered teaching assistant. Enter a simple prompt to reword sentences or paragraphs, summarize text, and more.

Magic Animate

Bring your teaching materials to life in seconds. Automatically update and enhance entire pages, effortlessly create eye-catching transitions, and truly captivate your classroom in just one click.

Magic Switch™

Reformat your teaching materials instantly. Transform your presentations or whiteboards into concise report docs for easy sharing. With more free time, you can focus on taking your teaching to the next level.

Magic Grab

Redesign teaching materials with Magic Grab by selecting the subject of your image to edit, reposition, or resize it. You can also use Grab Text to quickly update text in photos of documents or screenshots.


Make teaching and learning easy in every language. Feel confident communicating and instantly convert lessons and presentations to any preferred language, with over 100 to choose from.

Alt Text Suggestions

Say goodbye to the guesswork. Alt text Suggestions generates informative and engaging descriptions of the images in your presentations, saving you time while ensuring your designs are accessible to every learner’s needs.

Get Canva for Education 100% free

Teachers and students at eligible schools get access to premium Canva features at no cost to you. Create visually beautiful lesson plans, presentations, posters, videos, and more.

Get Canva for Education 100% free

Teachers and students at eligible schools get access to premium Canva features at no cost to you. Create visually beautiful lesson plans, presentations, posters, videos, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Canva for Education is available for K-12 (primary and secondary) educators, their students, and qualified school districts and institutions. Check out our full eligibility guidelines.(opens in a new tab or window)

No problem. If you already have a Canva account, log in to your account, go to our sign up page(opens in a new tab or window), and follow the verification process to upgrade your account to Canva for Education. All of your existing designs will transfer over.

Yes, they are 100% free! No paywalls or surprises. All of these new Canva for Education resources are 100% free for K-12 (primary and secondary) educators, their students, as well as qualified school districts and institutions.

We’re continuously adding more resources to our Education Library. Our free ready-to-teach K-12 resources cover the core subjects of Math, Science, ELA, and Art.

Designed for teachers by experts, Future Skills Lessons cover a variety of topics from Personal Finance, Social Impact, to Journalism and more.

The Lessons have been built in collaboration with The NY Times, NASA, Upschool, Ladies Finance Club, and so much more. Explore Future Skills Lessons(opens in a new tab or window) now.

Yes, anyone can apply to become an Education Specialty Creator. The program is for creative teachers, and others to share their work with over 85 million people and earn royalties.

Education Specialty Creators are qualified teachers. Teachers need to apply and be verified to be accepted into this specialty program.

Check out this page(opens in a new tab or window) to learn more about the program.

Yes, our global Canva for Teachers community is open to all teachers. They are dedicated groups for educators and help to empower them to use Canva as a tool to educate. Along with a global group, we have an array of local teachers communities for several languages and locales. Learn more(opens in a new tab or window)

Canva uses a multi-layered set of safeguards to ensure the content within our Canva for Education platform is safe for schools and safe for students. In addition to a set of blocked search terms, we also leverage a best-in-class machine learning platform that scans our existing collection of millions of photos and graphics to identify, flag, and remove access to “not safe for school” content for anyone using for Canva for Education. Our collections are reviewed by content moderators to ensure compliance with our “not safe for school” definitions.

It’s all the power of AI, all in one place. Magic Studio brings together the best AI-powered features for you right inside Canva to help you move from your first brainstorm to your finished product with more ease, speed, and creativity than ever before.

With Canva for Education, students and teachers will have limited and/or restricted access to certain Magic Studio features.

Click here(opens in a new tab or window) to learn more.

Your Magic Studio experience can be found right in Canva, in the new Magic Studio tab on the homepage. Under Canva for Education, students and teachers will have limited and/or restricted access to certain Magic Studio features. School districts can also opt-in to select specific features they wish to provide teachers and students access to.

You don’t have to be any sort of expert to use Canva. Learn how to use Canva by tapping into our extensive collection of educational resources(opens in a new tab or window), including product tutorials, courses, or student resources designed by fellow teachers for teachers.