Use Canva's drag-and-drop brochure maker and create a beautiful brochure design that won’t bore your audience.


Create brochures that people want to read

Do you want to present your information clearly and beautifully? Canva’s brochure maker makes it easy to create stunning brochures by proving a suite of professionally designed layouts. Simply drag and drop your favourite images, customize the fonts and colors and edit text to create an original brochure.

Whether you’re creating marketing materials for work or completing an assignment for school, Canva makes it easy to create the perfect brochure that people will want to read.

How to make a brochure

  1. Choose a brochure template—Canva has thousands, so you’re sure to find one you like. Or you can design your brochure from scratch!
  2. Add an image from Canva’s library of over 2 million beautiful stock photos, illustrations and icons. Or add a personal touch by uploading your own.
  3. Click the placeholder text in the brochure template to add your own message. You can change the font to suit your style.
  4. Change the background, change the colors… the only limit is your imagination! Canva’s templates are easy to customize.
  5. Print, download or share your finished brochure!

Choose images from our professional stock library or upload your own

We’re proud of our amazing stock libary of over 2 million stock images, graphics and illustrations. Many of these images are free, while premium images are all priced at just $1 each. If you want to create a professional brochure to use as marketing material these images are the perfect choice.

You can also upload your own images for free. Once you upload them in Canva you can use them as many times as you like.

Print your brochure in stunning high resolution

As well as using your brochure as online marketing material you can also print it in stunning high resolution. For the best quality printed brochure export your Canva design as a PDF.

Share your brochure straight to social media

Share your brochure straight from Canva! To impress your friends and colleagues with your new design click the “Share” button on the top right of the editor. This will allow you to share your design straight to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more.


Can I create multiple versions of my brochure design on Canva?

Yes, you can. Canva allows you to save as many copies of the same brochure template and modify them. You can test varying images for each cover, apply different filters, experiment with typography sets, and discover which template creates the strongest impact. Head to your Canva homepage, choose the brochure design you want to duplicate, click on the drop down arrow button and choose “Make a copy”.

How do I use my own elements for the brochure?

Canva gives you the power to personalize your brochure from the most noticeable graphics down to the smallest details. Use your company logo, signature colors, and even photos from your private files to customize a brochure template. Simply upload your images on the Canva interface and drag and drop these elements into the layout at no extra cost.

How can I share my brochure online?

Upload your finished product straight from Canva. With a click of the “Share” button, you can send your new brochure directly to your client’s inbox or post it on different social media platforms. An embed code can also be used so you can share the design on your website.

In which format should I download my Canva designed brochure?

You have the option of downloading your work in either JPG, PNG, or PDF at any point of the design process. If you plan on printing your brochure, we recommend downloading it in “PDF – Print” to save the highest quality possible. You can even include crop marks and bleed for printers to use as reference.