See how non-designers are creating beautiful infographics with Canva's infographic maker.

Create an Infographic in Canva

Create compelling infographics for free

Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible. Most importantly, they play a crucial role in the increasingly visual world of marketing.

Canva’s infographic maker includes hundreds of free design elements, allowing you to experiment with data visualization like a pro.

How to make an infographic

  1. Select an infographic template, or design from scratch. Canva has a huge range of professionally designed infographic templates for you to choose from.
  2. Add graphic elements from our extensive library. We’ve got over 2 million icons, illustrations and stock photos to choose from. Or you can upload your own!
  3. Change the colors, fonts, backgrounds and more. It’s easy to customize your infographic in Canva.
  4. Add your information to the infographic. Click on the text placeholder and add your own message.
  5. Download, share or print your finished infographic!

Versatile marketing material

Infographics are a versatile tool – they can be just as useful for a presentation, a blog article or even a printed brochure or report. You can save and share your infographic design as many times as you like in Canva, allowing you to reuse it online and in print. We even have a collection of stunning infographic ideas to inspire you!

Quality infographics on a budget

Our library is packed with hundreds of elements you can use to create professional infographics for your marketing material. Many of these are free, while premium elements will never be more than $1.

Create your own unique layouts

Save time and create multiple infographics efficiently by duplicating your designs. This will allow you to create a unique layout you can repurpose as you wish.


How much does it cost to create an infographic in Canva?

Nada! Zip! Zilch! Canva is 100% free to use. You would only need to sign up for a free account to start utilizing our templates, design tools, and design elements. There are also premium elements available, but they only cost $1 per one-time use, which is cheaper than your morning cup of coffee.

Can I embed my infographic on my website?

Absolutely! In addition to sharing your infographic design on social media, you may also embed it on your website or blog. All you have to do is click “Share,” choose “Embed,” copy the code displayed, and plug it into your blog or website’s HTML viewer.

What if I don't have a website?

No website? No problem! Canva made it possible for you to serve your audience a fresh dose of interactivity. Once you’ve finished designing your infographic, click on “Share,” select “Link,” copy the URL, paste it on your address bar, and watch your infographic magically transform into a shareable interactive website. Any edits you make to the design afterwards will be reflected automatically online. Who says you need to be a coder to make your own website?

How can I add personal touches to my infographic?

You can easily apply your own branding to the infographic by uploading your logo, implementing your color palette, and using consistent fonts. To upload your logo, click on the Uploads tab in the left-most panel, choose the “Upload your own images button,” and select any PNG, JPEG or SVG file you wish to insert on the design from your computer.