Make learning fun and organized at the same time for kids by creating a lesson plan for your primary school class

Create a lesson plan to keep the parents informed

When you are teaching primary school kids, you don’t just manage the kids, but you also have to keep the parents informed about what the kids are being taught at school. Instead of talking to every parent directly or sending them lengthy emails every week, you can create a lesson plan for your primary school along with a set timeline so that the parents are always in loop about what their kids are learning. Before you start scribbling a lesson plan on paper, we have a better idea – Design a lesson plan on Canva.

With thousands of templates, Canva lets you design lesson plans quickly and as per your needs. Since the designs are completely editable, you can keep one template for the class and then edit your design over and over again, whenever you need to create a new lesson plan. The best part – Designing on Canva is absolutely free!

Designing a Lesson Plans for Primary School is this easy

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own lesson plan designs.
  2. Choose from our library of professionally created templates.
  3. Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.
  4. Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.
  5. Save and share.

Transform any lesson plan template into your very own design

  1. Change the images. Upload your own images or choose from our stock library of over 1 million photographs, graphics and illustrations.
  2. Change the fonts. Choose from over 130 fresh fonts.
  3. Change the background. Choose a background from our library or use an image.
  4. Change the colors. Change the color of your text boxes and text to add extra flair.

Create a fun and visually appealing lesson plan

Primary school is a wonderful time for the kids when they take their first step towards education. They leave their parents for the first time and meet other kids of their age. By making your lesson plans fun and vibrant, you can make both the kids and parents excited about school.

Canva has pre-designed templates that you can edit according to your liking. You can also add fun and vibrant visual elements to make the lesson plans even more amazing. Canva’s media library has over a million images, illustrations, and graphics that you can use. Most of these elements are free, while only a few cost $1 for each one-time.

You can also add details about the lesson plans by using the preset font combinations and typography. There are also 130 fresh fonts available for you to get creative.

Collaborate with other teachers for integrated lesson plans

Create a lesson plan for the entire session of your primary school, including all the subjects the kids are going to learn by collaborating with all the teachers. To collaborate, click on the ‘share’ button and enter the email addresses of the teachers. Check the ‘can edit’ box so that the teachers can make changes at their end.

In case you would just like to get feedback from your colleagues about the design, then click on the ‘can comment’ box.

Print the lesson plans or email it to parents

When your lesson plan design is completely, you can print it out to pin it on the school noticeboards. To get the best quality print, download the design in PDF-Print format every time.

You can also email the lesson plan directly to the parents to keep them updated. By clicking on the share button, you can directly email them from Canva. Alternatively, you can also download the lesson plan as a JPG or PNG file and attach it in a mass email to all the parents.


Can I design on Canva with an app?

Why not? Canva has apps for both iPhone and iPad, making it easy for you to edit and design on the go. Since Canva is a cloud tool, all the designs you create get instantly synced online and they can be accessed from any device, as long as you are logged in from the same Canva account.

Why is there a watermark on my design?

If there is a watermark on your design, then that means you have used a paid element from Canva’s media library. To remove the watermark, click on the download button, which will then redirect you to the payment page. Once you have made the payment, you will be able to download your design without any watermark

Can I use my lesson plan design for next year as well?

Absolutely! All the designs you create on Canva stay saved in your account until you explicitly delete them. You can access any of your previous designs from your Canva homepage, make changes, and download the design again.