Create Inspiring Mood Boards Online with Canva

Evoke the right mood and convey your ideas clearly with a beautiful mood board.


Use Canva’s drag and drop editor to create amazing mood boards

Trying to describe or capture something as abstract as a mood or feeling can feel like an exercise in frustration. How do you evoke the right mood when all you have is words? For this reason, professional designers turn to mood boards — a collection of images, textures, typography, color palettes and description words. Also known as an inspiration board, mood boards can help you gather ideas and inspiration for a project as well as help your pitch get off the ground faster.

Mood boards, especially digital ones, are definitely fun to create but can be quite complicated. Using Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools, however, makes it much easier and faster to create one. Browse through our amazing collection of professionally made templates then start customizing the ones you like best to fit your project perfectly. Search our media library for images, illustrations and more design elements, move things around, change things up, then share your mood board with the rest of the world!

Create an inspirational mood board in 5 steps

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Mood Board design.
  2. Choose from our library of professionally created templates.
  3. Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.
  4. Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.
  5. Save and share.

Get inspired with our professional templates

If lack of inspiration is what’s stopping you from creating an amazing mood board, you won’t need to look further than our collection of amazing mood board templates. Created by an amazing team of professional designers, these templates are fully customizable and can get your creative juices flowing. Every element can be moved, removed, re-colored and resized. Canva empowers you to create your very own design, using our templates as your springboard.

Use grids and frames for a more structured look

Mood boards are basically collages, you can tack things on as much as you want, with little structure. But if you’re the kind that thrives on grids, then you’re going to love Canva’s grid and frames tool. From simple three-frame designs to complex arrangements perfect for mood boards, design grids give you room to envision and play. Canva grids are flexible enough that you can layer design elements on top of one another. You can fill a grid with color and layer descriptive text above it.

Looking for images to add? Search through Canva’s amazing media library, containing over a million high-quality images, illustrations and icons.

Collaborate with a team to create your mood board

Gaining inspiration doesn’t have to be lonely work — you can collaborate with colleagues and friends if you wish to! Sharing your design as an editable file is as easy as clicking the “Share” button, ticking the box to give others editing access, and sending the generated link to your team. They can then access your design as well as add their own input and comments to it from any desktop, laptop, iPhone or iPad device.


Sure is! You can download our iPad or iPhone app from the App Store and our Android app from Google Play for free. Otherwise head on over to without downloading any software. Simply create an account and log in to start designing.

Collaboration in Canva allows you to design with a team. To allow other people to edit your design, simply tick the box next to ‘Share/email as an editable design’. This will give them access to edit your design in their personal Canva account.

All of the layouts in our library are free to use as many times as you like. There are also a large range of free images to choose from, otherwise all premium photography in our stock library is all priced at just $1. There are no other fees to use Canva.