Design a standout resume in minutes

Browse through hundreds of ready-made templates and customize a resume that highlights your unique strengths.

How to make a resume

  • Choose a template from Canva’s library. We’ve got hundreds of free resume templates for you to choose from.
  • Click on the holder text and add your personal details and relevant work experience, highlighting any achievements you’ve had in your career.
  • Change the colors, change the background, change the fonts — Canva’s templates are made to be customized, so you can add your own personal-yet-professional touch.
  • Download, print or share your finished resume and watch those job offers roll in!

Get your point across with the perfect font combinations

Your resume tells the story of how far you've come. Make your reader compelled to read it until the end with the help of modern and dynamic type sets suggested by Canva. Try different combinations and once you've found the right one, tweak the sizes and colors to increase readability.

Upload your own elements and let your individuality shine

Insert personal touches to your resume through Canva's intuitive drag-and-drop tool. Give potential employers more reasons to hire you by uploading carefully designed brand elements and using impressive pictures that showcase your past work.

Reuse your preferred templates when the need arises

Use your favorite template repeatedly. Select the resume layout on your Canva design homepage and make a copy with just a click of a button. See how far you've come by keeping an older version for reference and updating the new file to reflect your latest achievements and current style.

Design anywhere

Design or edit your resume wherever inspiration strikes by adding Canva to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The apps are free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Collaboration made easy

Canva makes designing not only simple, but also collaborative. Invite your teammates to Canva to share and edit your resume design seamlessly.
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Your questions, answered

  • Do I need to install anything to create a Canva design?

    There's no need to install any bulky software to make a Canva design. Just sign up for a free account and you're all set to create or modify modern layouts on our online interface. However, you can download the Canva app on your iOS or Android device so you can update your designs anytime, anywhere.
  • How can I share my resume with others?

    Open your Canva layout. Click on the "Share" button so you can invite people to access your resume through email or a quick collaborative link. Control their access by choosing between the "can view" or "can edit" option.
  • What's the best format to save my resume?

    You have the option of sending your resume in any format you prefer, whether it's JPG, PNG, or PDF. If you plan on handing out printed copies, it's highly recommended that you save and download the most recent version in high-quality PDF format.
  • Can I embed my resume on my blog or website?

    You certainly can. Canva allows you to share any of your designs online through an automatically generated embed code. Make your resume design public, click on the "Share" button, then copy and paste the embed code into your blog or website’s HTML viewer.

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