Design beautiful scrapbooks online using Canva’s scrapbook maker

Hang on to precious memories with a beautiful DIY scrapbook from Canva.


Piece memories and moments together in a personalized scrapbook

Wondering what to do about your boxes of photos or gigabytes of images just lying around? Why not turn them into a beautiful work of art brimming with memories? If the thought of tackling such a monumental task is making you feel anxious, never fear, give Canva most of the heavy lifting and see how fun and easy it can be.

The secret lies with the collection of professionally-made templates made by our amazing team of designers. From there, it’s a simple matter of changing up the elements and photos along with a few extra personal touches to the design. Share your scrapbook with the rest of your family and friends and even invite them to collaborate with you. 

Create a beautiful scrapbook in five steps

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own Scrapbook design.
  2. Choose from our library of professionally created templates.
  3. Upload your own photos or choose from over 1 million stock images.
  4. Fix your images, add stunning filters and edit text.
  5. Save and share.

Upload your own photos and spice them up with more design elements

Once you’ve got a template to start with, you can begin personalizing your design. Upload your own photos or images by going to the Uploads tab and dragging and dropping files from your computer and into Canva. Once the images are saved on your uploads folder, they will remain there, ready to be used for your next designs.

At the same time, you can add icons, illustrations and even more photos by browsing through Canva’s amazing media library. Drag and drop new design elements into your workspace, move them to where they need to be, and resize by dragging on any of the image edges.

Add filters and effects to your images

One of the easiest ways to create a theme or cohesive look for your scrapbook is to apply filters to your photos. Want to add a vintage feel to your design? Or how about a black and white themed scrapbook? Take advantage of Canva’s extensive photo editing features. Just click on your image and apply any of the pre-set filters or add photo effects like vignette, blur and x-process. You can even experiment with more settings like adjusting contrast, brightness, and tint.

Collaborate with family and friends on your design

Many hands make light work — and add to the fun! Get help from friends and family on your latest scrapbook project by sharing editing access with them. Just click on the share button, tick the box allowing them to edit your work, then send the generated link. Since Canva is stored on the cloud, you and your collaborators can access your design anytime, from anywhere, on any desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad or Android device.


Designing scrapbooks in Canva is free! Our library of scrapbook layouts have been created by awesome designers, making it as simple for you as a few clicks to create a professional design. If you use your own images in your design, the entire process will be free.

You can also choose from Canva’s library of over 1 million images, graphics and illustrations. Many of these images are also free, while the rest are all priced at just $1.

Canva’s drag-and-drop design tool is ridiculously easy to use. Choose from our library of thousands of professionally designed layouts and over 1 million stock images, graphics and illustrations. We also offer design tools and resources to help. Check out our hands-on Design Tutorials which will give you a step-by-step guide to Canva tools. Need more help? Head over to our Help Center.

Yes! Download our iPhone and iPad apps from the App Store or our Android app from Google Play to design from the office, home or on the go! Otherwise, head to to create designs on the web without downloading or installing anything.