The ultimate tool for heading back to school

Canva for Education is your secret hack to set your students up for success.

Inspire your students from the first day back

Hit the ground running on day one. Canva for Education has thousands of inspiring educational templates for you and your students. Create customized presentations, worksheets, infographics, reports, and more this upcoming school year.

Everything you need for a successful classroom

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Enhance student learning

Help them make an impact. Canva for Education seamlessly integrates with key Learning Management Systems, giving you more time to focus on building meaningful connections with your students and preparing them for the next step.

Get creative in the classroom

Take class collaboration to new heights. Invite your students to work on projects together in real-time. Canva for Education has resources for every subject, grade, and ability, which you can seamlessly share, review, and provide feedback on.

Print with Canva

Bring your lessons to life. Did you know that you can design and print educational resources such as worksheets and posters directly with Canva?

Print sustainably: We’ve partnered with local eco-conscious printers so you can print with guaranteed quality and sustainability.

Free delivery: No matter what you order, we’ll deliver it directly to your door for free.

One Print. One Tree: You can feel good about printing with us, as for every print order received, we‘ll plant one tree.

We say no to plastic and foam: Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we use recycled paper to protect your orders.

Educational templates for all occasions

Check out our range of fully customizebale templates for your lesson.

Watch for Canva Education in action

Check out this short video and see what you can achieve with Canva for Education this school year.

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