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Canva for Education is your secret hack to set your students up for success.

Inspire your students from the first day back

Hit the ground running on day one. Canva for Education has thousands of inspiring educational templates for you and your students. Create customized presentations, worksheets, infographics, reports, and more this upcoming school year.

Everything you need for a successful classroom

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Enhance student learning

Help them make an impact. Canva for Education seamlessly integrates with key Learning Management Systems, giving you more time to focus on building meaningful connections with your students and preparing them for the next step.

Get creative in the classroom

Take class collaboration to new heights. Invite your students to work on projects together in real-time. Canva for Education has resources for every subject, grade, and ability, which you can seamlessly share, review, and provide feedback on.

Print with Canva

Bring your lessons to life. Did you know that you can design and print educational resources such as worksheets and posters directly with Canva?

Print sustainably: We’ve partnered with local eco-conscious printers so you can print with guaranteed quality and sustainability.

Free delivery: No matter what you order, we’ll deliver it directly to your door for free.

One Print. One Tree: You can feel good about printing with us, as for every print order received, we‘ll plant one tree.

We say no to plastic and foam: Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we use recycled paper to protect your orders.

Educational templates for all occasions

Check out our range of fully customizebale templates for your lesson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canva for Education is our free offering for all K12 educators. With it, you get all the benefits of premium features such as millions of images, fonts, graphics, videos, animations, and templates, as well as a dedicated classroom space to invite students and teachers to share, review, and manage your work.

You can sign up at using your school, DeptEd’s, or Google-certified email domain. Please note, you’ll be asked to verify your teaching credentials, so you can access Canva for Education.

  • Canva for Education is a premium version of Canva, tailored-made for the classroom, it includes:
  • Access to 250,000+ free templates
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics
  • Collaborate and comment in real-time
  • Access to 75+ million premium templates, photos, fonts, and videos
  • 100GB of cloud storage
  • Unlimited use of Background Remover
  • Magic Resize to resize designs with one-click
  • Classroom space for teachers to invite students, share, review, and manage work
  • LMS integrations (incl. Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology)

Premium features for school districts:

  • Brand Kit (upload school fonts, logos, and district colors)
  • Centralized account provisioning, publishing, and sharing options
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and district-wide access for all teachers, students, and staff
  • Free PD for teachers and staff with district set-up

If you’re interested in requesting a rollout across your school district, please complete the form by clicking Contact Us here(opens in a new tab or window).

No problem. If you already have a Canva account, log in to your account, go to, and your account will be upgraded. This means all of your existing designs will be there ready to use.

First, create a new class by going to your Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner, selecting Billing & Classes, and clicking Create New Class.

There are currently three options for inviting students to your class:

  • Import your students using Google Classroom
  • Send your students a link by clicking "Get invite link", and sharing to
  • Google Classroom or Clever
  • Manually invite students via their email addresses.

Rest assured, Canva is fully COPPA and FERPA compliant, ensuring the highest level of privacy and safety for students.

Yes. It’s our commitment that Canva for Education will always be 100% free for K12 educators and their students.

Currently, Canva for Education is available for K12 teachers and their students – and teachers need to sign up to be able to bring their students on board. Simply share the link with your teacher. Once they get verified, they can bring your whole class on board!

If you’re a student in higher education, you can learn more about how Canva can help you here.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of students on the Canva for Education platform, our commitment to the Canva core values means that we’re also committed to doing everything we can to ensure that students can harness the full potential of Canva while remaining completely safe in the content they are able to access within Canva’s libraries. We know that we have a huge responsibility to champion safe, diverse, and appropriate content for the millions of students using Canva for Education worldwide.

In order to make this happen, Canva uses a multi-layered set of safeguards to ensure that the content within our Canva for Education platform is safe for schools and safe for students. Our system begins with a set of blocked search terms – those which are clearly inappropriate for a school under any circumstances – which yield no search results within Canva’s libraries when searched by Canva for Education users. This list is revised and updated over time based on emerging trends and language and in response to feedback from districts, as appropriate.

Our second layer of protection comes from our use of a best-in-class machine learning platform, which scans our existing collection of millions of photos and graphics to identify, flag, and remove access to “not safe for school” content for Canva for Education users. While Canva is always adding content to our collections, through our collaborations with professional content creators, every single addition to our collections is reviewed by a human content moderator to check compliance with our “not safe for school” definitions.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and we won’t claim to be: in the very rare event that a questionable piece of content slips through our filters, we act quickly and responsively based on concerns raised by educators to remove the content and audit our collection for anything similar. Read more here about how to share your concerns about content you or your students encounter in Canva.