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Education Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility guidelines

Here at Canva, we think learning is a gift. That’s why Canva for Education is free for eligible teachers and students, is available all over the world and isn’t restricted to any country.

Please note, Canva for Education is currently available for K-12 (primary or secondary) teachers and institutions. It is not currently available for higher education teachers and institutions (colleges and universities).

To access Canva for Education, you must be currently active in one of the following roles:

  • A certified K-12 (primary or secondary) teacher from a formally accredited school, who is currently in a teaching position
  • A certified K-12 (primary or secondary) school librarian
  • A certified K-12 (primary or secondary) learning support assistant or teacher
  • A certified K-12 (primary or secondary) curriculum specialist
  • A certified teacher at a technical or vocational school, serving primary or secondary students (or equivalent)

The following organisations can also access Canva for Education:

Government recognized, formally accredited:

  • K-12 (primary, secondary, or pre-college) schools
  • School districts
  • Departments of education
  • Other global school systems

How long does my access to Canva for Education last?

For as long as you’re an active and eligible teacher or organisation. All Canva for Education users are prompted to re-verify their credentials every 3 years.

Who can’t access Canva for Education?

  • Certified K-12 (primary or secondary) teachers, who are not currently in teaching positions
  • Public librarians - for example, city or county librarians
  • Preschool or daycare assistants
  • Homeschool educators who are not licensed or currently employed with a K-12 institution.
  • Private, volunteer, or online tutors
  • Colleges, Universities, and other higher education institutions, including lecturers and staff
  • College and university students
  • Continuing/further education institutions
  • Adult education institutions
  • Organisations providing extracurricular activities outside of school
  • Non-profit organisations who are not delivering teaching directly (please note, Canva also offers a non-profit program with its own eligibility guidelines(opens in a new tab or window))
  • Early stage start-ups with an educational focus
  • Parents of children who are in K-12 (primary or secondary) education

How do I prove I’m eligible for Canva for Education?

If you sign up for Canva for Education(opens in a new tab or window) with a verified educational email domain, you’ll get access right away.

Don’t have a verified email? No problem. Just upload a photo or scanned copy of one of these approved documents, and we’ll review your application within 48 hours.

Approved documents

Official teacher identification that shows current status, e.g.:

  • Photo or scan of a licence/certification indicating teaching qualification
  • Photo or scan showing employment status at a school where requested by us
  • Photo or scan of school ID indicating teaching status
  • Document proving an organisation’s status as a government recognized, formally accredited K-12 (primary, secondary, or pre-college) educational institution